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The MOST ADVANCED Golf Swing Learning System on the Planet!

Hear the golf swing taught in a way that you've never imagined.

  • 100% based on biomechanics, anatomy, physics and how the brain learns new movement patterns
  • EVERYTHING has a LOGICAL answer not just to WHY, but also exactly HOW to do it
  • Do you have to understand every little intricacy of the swing, need all the details? Welcome to your new home...
  • No more "Do it this way because I said so." I'll tell you "Do it this way and here are the exact reasons why..."
  • Get your clubhead speed back - with less effort and more control than ever before
  • If I'm lying, I'm dying. 100% money back guarantee if you don't think this is the greatest thing since sliced bread
  • All validated with a TrackMan launch monitor, researched by a medical panel of orthopedic surgeons and Ph. D. Biomechanist
  • I'm a 9 handicap, after one lesson with Chuck on the TrackMan I shot 66 in a tournament! 66! I followed that up with a 74 - and I'm a 9 handicap! Mind blowing!

    Ed M. | July 2014
  • Handicap has gone from 6 to 1. Picked up a full club distance with irons and 20 yards with driver. Thanks RST!

    Jeff W. | July 2014

Certified RST Instructors Provide Video Analysis of Your Swing PLUS SlowMo Analyzer!

2 Instructor Reviews (Video Analyses) per Month

  • Get specific, focused VIDEO feedback from a Certified RST Instructor
  • Receive links to the exact instructional videos that address your swing issues in detail
  • Easily upload videos and/or images of your swing and submit them for review twice per month
  • Record your swing with virtually any camera, even mobile phones and digital "still" cameras are sufficient
  • No more worrying if you are wasting time by working on the wrong parts of your swing
  • Improve faster with expert feedback, but without the big price tag of an in-person lesson
  • Enjoy improving your golf swing without ever leaving your home with drills designed to be done indoors

SwingViewer SlowMo Video Analyzer

  • Self-diagnose your swing issues by comparing your swing to RST model swings
  • Easily upload your swings and watch them in slow motion, frame-by-frame or full speed
  • Analyze your swings with drawing tools, angle measurements and zoom
  • My instructor, Aaron, has been fantastic. His video explanation brings clarity like he's standing there beside me pointing things out! I think the value of getting two video analyses per month is unreal. The swing reviews alone are worth probably 5x the Premium Membership fees...

    Colm M. | November 2013
  • This is exactly what I was hoping for; the ability to periodically get individualized feedback from the instructors. Thanks in advance for making the site and service better all the time for Premium Members such as myself.

    Ryan C. | October 2011
  • Very impressed with first review from Clay. No other instructor has ever pointed out my over active right arm or a solution!

    Greg S. | July 2012
  • Thank you for the SwingViewer...this will be another tool to help me. Continue the good work, and I'll continue to recommend your site to all my students. I now can truly say I'm striking the ball better than ever, and I'm becoming a better teaching pro because of your work.

    Larry R. | April 2011

Vincent Got Instructor Feedback and Built This Amazing Swing:

  • I've been a part of RST for the past 4 months, and it has driven my 15 handicap down to a 7 in that time. My swing speed prior to this program was 96 MPH and is now 115 MPH without seeing a day in the gym.

    Vincent Tapaoan | CA | April 4, 2011

Get Help and Improve Faster!
Includes 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Groundbreaking Practice Plan Tools to Maximize Your Time at the Range!

Practice Points & Notes for Your Recommended Videos

  • Personalized plan based on Certified Instructor's review of your swing
  • Print off all Practice Points and your notes for Recommended Videos
  • Mobile-optimized so you can quickly access on the range (coming soon)

"5 Minutes/Day" Drill-Based Practice Routines

  • Stop losing your lag, getting “stuck,” slicing, hitting fat or thin shots, losing your "tush” line, overswinging, or anything else you struggle with
  • Save money and time by practicing your swing movements at home rather than beating balls at the range
  • Uncover the sequence of drills needed to build the biomechanically perfect golf swing
  • Get a learning system 100% backed by the latest motor learning research, similar to what Dan Coyle describes in The Talent Code
  • Print out the "5 Minutes/Day" workout sheets (coming soon)
  • Print out checkpoint images for all pieces of the swing (coming soon)
  • I have never, ever, hit so many shots straighter and even with a small draw than I have my last couple times out. I am excited once again about golf. My drives are beautifully straight and long with an occassional pull, but no slice. I believe, Quinton, that you are the best teacher of golf I have ever listened to. 

    Vincent | Houston, TX | June 11, 2014

Step-by-Step Videos PLUS Instructors Answer ALL Your Questions

Video Player Learning System Updated Monthly

  • 324 HD Videos in your structured video player with new videos posted for you every month
  • The most advanced, detailed and thorough — yet easy to understand — golf learning system anywhere
  • Eliminate any pain or soreness you feel during or after a round - Biomechanically sound movements
  • Groundbreaking "5 Minutes/Day" drill-based video series based on motor learning research
  • Build the swing of your dreams—efficient and consistent with no compensations
  • Golf fitness program where your exercise reps double as swing practice reps
  • Lower your scores with short game videos like the 8-part Performance Putting Series
  • New native iOS app (see below)

Q&A Discussion Forum for Videos

  • You are not alone! Ask questions and get answers from RST Certified Instructors
  • Learn from and help other members who are working on the same swing changes as you
  • Review prior discussions
  • I just wanted to say thank you for the first program that makes sense! I came out this spring and am striping it. I have had people come up to me at the range complimenting my swing and power! I've given you credit everytime

    Aaron M. | March 2011
  • I remember when I first started playing golf how 'beat up' I would feel after 18 holes, as if I just finished playing football; the game was very tolling on my body. Now, without a doubt, I know I could easily squeeze 54 holes in without feeling abused.

    Scott S. | June 2011
  • I'm a huge fan of the RST, and during this summer I cut my HCP from 12 to 6.5 and making solid progress all the time.

    David G. | October 2011
  • Chuck does an incredible job of making things crystal clear in his teaching sessions. I truly wish I had taken these lessons a long time ago! The last two rounds I recorded were both under par. What can I say, but I am stunned!...This program makes so much sense that I consider it the best ever anywhere!

    Mark L. | July 2011

We'll Help You Build a Jaw-Dropping Swing Like This from Home:

  • I can't realistically see myself hitting the ball any better or more consistently down the range or on the course than I am now, and I understand my misses now as well.

    Colin Earl | UK | July 1, 2010

Learn To Swing Like Colin!
Includes 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Native iOS App: Watch Your Favorite Videos Wherever There's Internet!

  • 175+ Full Swing, Bomb Your Driver, Fitness, Ball Striking, Short Game, Faults/Fixes Videos
  • Watch your favorite RST videos anywhere you have internet access
  • Free download in iTunes
  • Premium Members DON'T need an in-app subscription; just log in with your website email and password
  • Works on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches
  • Check out our incredible customer ratings and reviews!
  • All RST full swing & fitness videos are available. Most short game videos available.
  • Great app. The service is unreal...It's like having your own golf pro give you advice and ideas on how to improve your golf game. This app is perfect for me, and I would recommend it to anyone addicted to golf.

    RFHan04 | July 5, 2012
  • Overall, I give it a "5." Great app, has helped me with my ball striking consistency.

    Want Ta B | July 17, 2012
  • This app contains very helpful golf swing information. It's thorough and presented effectively. After spending only a day viewing some of the video lessons, I'm experiencing great improvement.

    MarkyPete | July 10, 2012

Find Out Why Our Program Practically Forces You to Improve:

  • If you make a commitment to the program and you go through the program the way it's laid out, you will get better.

    Greg McNeill | FL | October 23, 2010

Commit To Improving Now!
Includes 30-day Money Back Guarantee

FREE! “Bomb Your Driver” 8-Part Video Series Included (a $49.97 Value)

  • Over 1 hour of video footage guaranteed to help you Hit it 20-30 yards farther TODAY by simply tweaking your setup and grip and understanding your driver better
  • Avoid wasting $200, $300 or $400+ on your next driver by understanding how to pick the right specs for YOU
  • Learn about a $0.75 training aid you probably have at home that will help increase your driver distance by 20% or more!
  • Finally find out everything you need to know about spin, launch angle, COR, COG, club face roll, and more
  • Member responses to “How many yards have you picked up?”

  • I put down 30-40. Closer to 30 than 40... but, that’s the range. What’s not in the poll question is accuracy, which is way, way up.

    Ray | April 2008
  • 30 to 40 yards for me as well, but on some drives it’s a lot more than that.

    Sarnia | April 2008

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