Want A Perfect Golf Backswing Like Jason Day?

TweetSwing plane is a very common term used in golf and has become a primary focus point for a lot

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How To Build Your Golf Swing From The Ground Up

Tweet New Video: How To Swing From The Ground Up Chuck Quinton, RST Founder “I played golf in high school

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Sean O’Hair Makes A Huge Shoulder Turn In His Backswing, You Can Too!

Tweet New Video: Sean O’Hair – Big Shoulder Turn By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification Check out this awesome

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Rickie Fowler Swing Changes Shows You How Elevating Your Arms Will Boost Up Your Speed

Tweet New Video: Rickie Fowler – Swing changes Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification “Mr. Quinton truly understands the Kinesiology

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How your right knee has always been the problem in your golf swing

TweetOne of the more frustrating things for us golfers to hear from an instructor is…”Shorten Your Swing!!!” “But Coach, I

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The Golf Swing – The Left Arm “Push” During the Backswing

TweetIn most of my golf instructional videos, I refer to “pulling” as the primary movement, as you can see in

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Improve Your Weight Transfer in Golf and Your Golf Swing Footwork

TweetWhen you hear commentators on TV talk about a golfer having “great footwork”, what they’re really seeing is the result

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How Much Do the Arms Elevate in the Golf Backswing?

TweetThe question of how much the arms should elevate, or move vertically, during the golf backswing is a common one

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How to Turn Like Tiger | Right Arm, the Key to Width in the Golf Swing

TweetGet ready!  Because you’re going to find out why the right arm is the key to width in the golf swing and to

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How to Properly Load Right Leg in Golf Backswing AND Stop Overswinging

TweetProperly loading the right leg for stability and rotary power in the golf swing has a side benefit – it

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