Paige Spiranac Golf Swing | Use Your Legs For A Boost In Clubhead Speed

TweetAre you costing yourself precious clubhead speed because you aren’t using your legs properly? Ever wonder what swinging from the ground up

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Want More Lag Like World Golf Champ Shane Lowry?

Tweet New Video: Shane Lowry – 2 Keys to lag Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification Wanna see an incredibly

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Do you want to hit the sweet spot more frequently? I have a perfect golf downswing drill for you!

Tweet If you’re like me, you hate the feeling of a mishit golf shot. Well, I have a simple drill

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Learn The Secret To A Powerful Golf Downswing

TweetYou can make a lot of mistakes in the golf takeaway or backswing, or even in your setup, and still

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Want to learn an incredibly easy way to start using your legs for power in the golf swing?

TweetFor years, we have heard the expression, “You have to start the golf swing from the ground up”. How is

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Are You Protecting Your Body When You Swing The Golf Club?

Tweet New Video: David Lingmerth – Left leg impact position Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification “I have been playing

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Do you want to watch your drives get longer and straighter by properly shifting your weight

Tweet New Video: Troy Merritt – Sequence Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification Do you want to see your drives

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Lexi Thompson and Phil Mickelson Show You How To Use Your Legs

Tweet New Video: Lexi Thompson vs. Phil Mickelson Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification “I just joined 3 months

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2 Great Ways To Become A More Consistent Ball Striker Like U.S. Open Champ Jordan Spieth

Tweet New Video: Jordan Spieth – Consistent ball striking Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification “These videos are wonderful mind-set

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Stop Slicing! Learn A Trick That Maybe Causing Your Golf Slice!

TweetDid you know that you can do everything perfectly in your golf swing and still hit a slice? Yep! If

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