Golf Stance – Does It Change for Different Golf Clubs?

TweetHey guys, Chuck Quinton here, founder of, and today we’re gonna talk about the golf stance, and specifically the

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How To Make the Perfect Golf Takeaway by Only Moving 2 Inches!

TweetLearn the RotarySwing University secret 2 inch movement to master the golf swing takeaway in just minutes! You’ll learn how

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RotarySwing University – Golf Swing School

TweetReady to take your golf swing to school this year? Have you worked hard on your golf swing only to

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Why You Shouldn’t Hit Down on the Golf Ball

Tweet Hi I’m Chuck Quinton, founder of I want to talk about some well intended advice that actually tends

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How to Fix Your Inside Takeaway | Rotary Swing Golf

Tweet If your golf swing takeaway is too far inside, this drill will help get you on the right track.

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One Simple Grip Tip to Increase Golf Swing Lag

Tweet Lag. All amateurs want it, most pros are trying to get rid of it. What gives? What is lag

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How to Cure Golfers Elbow

TweetToday, we’re going to be discussing a very, very serious topic in the golf swing, and that is elbow pain.

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3 Reasons You’re Not Improving at Golf

Tweet Learn the three most common reasons golfers don’t improve their golf swings in this golf instruction video from Chuck

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Tweet We are back again this week with the 2015 US Open Champion Jordan Spieth, who has now picked up

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Problem with Golf Instruction Industry Today – Why Golfers Don’t Improve

Tweet In my last golf instruction video I talked about the history of RST, and how Rotary Swing Tour came

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