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Posture is a critical aspect of your golf setup. Using this patented-design shirt, you’ll know if you’re in the correct posture every time with instant feedback!

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Click to watch a video that demonstrates how to use the PostureTek Shirt.Posture is probably one of the most underrated aspects of the golf swing and few things are more important than having good posture at address. The simple positioning of the scapula drastically effects the golfer’s ability to set the club in the proper position at the top of the swing, grip the club properly and transfer energy to the ball from the muscles in the trunk. One would think that with all these issues being effected by this one joint, a lot more consideration would be taken into understanding it.“The scapula is pivotal in transferring forces and high energy from the legs, back, and trunk to the delivery point, the arm and the hand, thereby allowing more force to be generated in activities such as throwing than could be done by the arm musculature alone. The scapula, serving as a link, also stabilizes the arm to more effectively absorb loads that may be generated through the long lever of the extended or elevated arm.”

The Rotary Swing Tour is largely built around the positioning of the scapula throughout the golf swing for all the reasons mentioned above as well as injury prevention. Shoulder impingements and rotator cuff injuries are common results of poor posture. In this video, we feature an amazing bio-feedback shirt that instantly lets the golfer know when his scapula has moved out of position, and best of all, it’s extremely affordable. Making certain that you’re in good posture is crucial on every shot and this shirt allows you to know for sure every time. Without an instructor by your side to check you before each swing, it’s hard for you to see what’s going on yourself in real time, especially on the course. Also, if you don’t know or can’t feel when you’re in bad posture, how will you ever correct it? This shirt can be worn under your regular golf shirt and will remind you with a subtle vibration (similar to a cell phone on vibrate) every time you slip into bad posture providing you with the swift corrective feedback needed to build a powerful and safe golf swing.

If you’re serious about protecting yourself from injury, developing the best golf swing possible and transferring the highest amount of energy from your torso, pick up a PostureTek shirt today!

The PostureTek shirt is available in various sizes and the colors.


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