Generate Maximum Club Head Speed with Minimal Effort

Tweet We recently released a brand new video about releasing the golf club called, “Throwing The Club Head” which was

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The SCIENTIFIC TRUTH About Perfect Golf Swing Rotation

Tweet Are you confused about all the conflicting golf instruction being offered up in magazines, on television and on the

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Fix Your Golf Frustrations – How & Why RotarySwing Is The Perfect Golf Swing

TweetGolf is frustrating sport for 99% of the individuals who choose to pick up a club.  In fact, only a

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Why Golf is Hard – The Answer!

TweetWhy Golf Is Hard – And the ANSWER on How to Actually Improve! A lot of things in the game

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Golf Lesson: Build Monster Lag w/ These Drills (Golf’s #1 Lag Instructor: Lag Doctor)

TweetSo here it is. You’ve been waiting for a lag building program to accompany the Key to Creating Lag Video.

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I’m Baaaack!!! Chuck Quinton Returns to Golf After 4 Neck Surgeries

TweetAfter 4 cervical spine surgeries and 1 hand surgery in 15 months, I’ve finally (hopefully) gotten over the hump and

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