Golf Backswing – How the Arms Work in the Backswing

TweetWithout a doubt, the most common mistake I see in my daily golf lessons is golfers over swinging their arms during

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4 Square Drill for an On-Plane Golf Takeaway and Backswing

TweetOne of the most powerful visuals and swing drills I use when giving in-person golf lessons is a drill I

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Tiger Woods Swing | How the Body Works During the Golf Downswing

TweetThrough all the changes Tiger Woods’ swing has undergone in the past 15 years, one thing has remained very constant

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How to Swing a Golf Club

TweetIf you’re new to the wonderfully challenging game of golf, you’re probably wondering how pro golfers like myself hit the

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3 Keys to the Perfect Golf Backswing

TweetIf you’re like most amateur golfers out there, learning the golf backswing is like learning a foreign language. How do

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Charl Schwartzel – 2 Ways to Build A Powerful Backswing

TweetIn a fantastic playoff at the Valspar Championship, Charl Schwartzel took home the win by riding his near-perfect golf swing

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Post Up On Your Right Leg For Pure Contact Like Vaughn Taylor

TweetIs your golf swing getting too long and out of control?  Watch us break down the swing of Vaughn Taylor

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Perfect Your Takeaway Like Hideki Matsuyama

TweetWhen we analyze PGA or LPGA tour golf swings, we are always looking for RotarySwing teaching points that can help

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Fix Your Golf Swing Plane With This Simple Drill

TweetAre you battling your backswing and looking for answers to create a consistent swing plane?  Use this simple yet effective

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Rickie Fowler Shows You How Elevating Your Arms Will Boost Up Your Clubhead Speed

Tweet New Video: Rickie Fowler – Swing changes Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification “Mr. Quinton truly understands the Kinesiology

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