Golf Lessons: Increase Your Lag to Add Speed to Your Golf Swing

TweetIs increasing your lag and adding speed to your golf swing important to you? What would you say if I

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Golf Lesson – Fix Your Flip to Add More Distance

TweetWhen taking golf lessons, have you ever heard these terms thrown your way? You’re flipping the club You’re cupping the

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How to Chip in Golf: Perfect Your Technique with the RotaryConnect

TweetHave you ever been told you are too handsy when chipping? Maybe you are flipping the club through impact? Have

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Perfect Your Takeaway Like Hideki Matsuyama

TweetWhen we analyze PGA or LPGA tour golf swings, we are always looking for RotarySwing teaching points that can help

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RST Golf Student Drops 20 Strokes Off His Handicap

TweetThere are dozens of golf instructional products and golf videos that promise guaranteed improvement in your game.  Some claim that

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Lexi Thompson and Phil Mickelson Show You How To Use Your Legs

Tweet New Video: Lexi Thompson vs. Phil Mickelson Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification “I just joined 3 months

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The “A Swing” by Leadbetter – Why You DON’T Early Set Your Wrists in the Golf Swing

Tweet New Video: Using your wrists for speed – Video 5 of 7 Chuck Quinton, RST Founder “I rebuilt my

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Rotary Swing Review – How to Drive it Past Your Kids and Pick up 20 Yards off the Tee!

TweetIn this RST review, member Jeff who’s in his 50’s is now hitting it as far and sometimes further than

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5 Minutes to Increase Club Head Speed! The Key: Shift Your Weight Early

TweetAre you ready for a simple solution to maximize your club head speed? As golfers, we all love the term

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Rhythm in Golf | Great Balance and Rhythm, Your Swing “Glue”

TweetLet’s talk about a couple of things I like to call “swing glue.” They’re what hold your golf swing together

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