4 Square Drill for an On-Plane Golf Takeaway and Backswing

TweetOne of the most powerful visuals and swing drills I use when giving in-person golf lessons is a drill I

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3 Keys to the Perfect Golf Backswing

TweetIf you’re like most amateur golfers out there, learning the golf backswing is like learning a foreign language. How do

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How to Fix Your Inside Takeaway | Rotary Swing Golf

Tweet If your golf swing takeaway is too far inside, this drill will help get you on the right track.

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Pro Secret to the One Piece Takeaway

Tweet The golf swing is really, really hard if you get started off on the wrong foot. So many people

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Perfect Your Takeaway Like Hideki Matsuyama

TweetWhen we analyze PGA or LPGA tour golf swings, we are always looking for RotarySwing teaching points that can help

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2 Simple Moves to Build a Perfect Golf Takeaway This Winter

Tweet New Video: Thorbjorn Olesen – Perfect your takeaway By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification “This is the most

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The Golf Swing – The Left Arm “Push” During the Backswing

TweetIn most of my golf instructional videos, I refer to “pulling” as the primary movement, as you can see in

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