How to Chip in Golf: Perfect Your Technique with the RotaryConnect

TweetHave you ever been told you are too handsy when chipping? Maybe you are flipping the club through impact? Have

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How to Chip & Get More Spin From Your Pitch Shots

TweetHow to Chip in Golf for Spin Every golfer wants to learn how to put more spin on their pitch

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How to Chip – Club Selection Around the Green

TweetChoosing the right club around the green on your chip shots is critical for lowering your scores. If you want

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How to Chip Better and Stop Scooping Your Chip Shots in Golf

TweetHow to Stop Scooping Chip Shots and Become a Better Chipper Becoming a better chipper of the golf ball starts

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How to Chip Better: Tiger Woods Chipping Analysis

TweetHow to Chip Better By Studying Tiger Woods Chipping Stroke For a long time, you’ve been troubled by your chip

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How to Chip: Chipping Distance Control vs. Direction Control

TweetHow to Chip – Distance vs. Direction It’s time to find out if you need to work more on controlling

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Golf Chipping How-To Guide: Club Selection

TweetTwo Philosophies There are two basic philosophies for chipping: Chip all shots with your favorite club. Here the idea is

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