How to Putt: Improve Your Forearm Alignment and Make More Putts

TweetHow to Putt – Forearm Alignment Putting Tip I recently had a lesson with a student who is a very

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Killer Putting Drill – Visualize the Line or Focus on the Putting Stroke?

TweetIs it more important to focus on the mechanics of the putting stroke or the path you want the golf

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Putting Tip – How to Rock Your Shoulders for a Pure Putting Stroke

TweetHave you heard the term that you should “rock your shoulders” in your putting stroke? What does that mean? Well,

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Amazing Putting Tips – Putting Drill for Making More Putts

TweetHave you ever wondered how the tour pros seem to make so many more putts? Is it that their putting

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Improve Your Putting: Roll the Ball Better Than You Ever Have Before

TweetDo you struggle to improve your putting? Do you know if your ball is bouncing or skidding offline? In the New Free

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PGA Tour – Tim Finchem Oppose Anchored Putting Ban

TweetIt’s been a polarizing debate on the long and belly putters for the past few years and yesterday, it took

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How to Read a Green: Improve Your Green Reading by Finding The Straight Putt

TweetI know you grind to improve the fundamentals of your full swing, but do you give that same attention to

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How to Putt: 3 Simple Keys To Shape Your Stroke

TweetLearning how to putt can be frustrating at times. Everyone has that friend or playing partner who seems to make everything

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How to Putt: The Proper Putting Grip Is Your Key for Consistency

TweetOne of the most important fundamentals often overlooked by golf professionals when teaching someone how to putt has to be the

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How to Putt: The Secret Is in Your Setup

TweetBelieve it or not, “How do I setup for the putter?” is something I get asked all the time. With

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