Golf Backswing – How the Arms Work in the Backswing

TweetWithout a doubt, the most common mistake I see in my daily golf lessonsĀ is golfers over swinging their arms during

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4 Square Drill for an On-Plane Golf Takeaway and Backswing

TweetOne of the most powerful visuals and swing drills I use when giving in-person golf lessons is a drill I

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Why Is Building the Perfect Backswing So Difficult in Golf?

Tweet You’ve worked on your backswing for years. You’ve spent a small fortune on golf lessons, DVDs, even personal trainers.

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Want to make a bigger shoulder turn like PGA Pro Sean O’Hair?

Tweet New Video: Sean O’Hair – Big Shoulder Turn By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification Check out this awesome

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Want A Perfect Golf Backswing Like Jason Day?

TweetSwing plane is a very common term used in golf and has become a primary focus point for a lot

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The Golf Swing – The Left Arm “Push” During the Backswing

TweetIn most of my golf instructional videos, I refer to “pulling” as the primary movement, as you can see in

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How Much Do the Arms Elevate in the Golf Backswing?

TweetThe question of how much the arms should elevate, or move vertically, during the golf backswing is a common one

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The Backswing in Golf | What You Can Learn from Michael Thompson’s Swing

TweetThe backswing in golf is a position every golfer strives to perfect. The problem is everyone hits fast forward on

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The Perfect Position at the Top of the Backswing – An RST Golf Student

TweetIf you want to see what the perfect golf backswing looks like, look no further than this golf student and

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Golf Backswing – Shrugging Shoulders Causes Loss of Power

TweetOne of the most common golf swing faults we see at our golf instruction academy in Orlando, FL, is when

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