Fix Your “Chicken Wing” for More Consistency and Distance

TweetThe dreaded “chicken wing.” It’s a persistent problem for many golfers, causing inconsistency and loss of distance. Here’s the thing…

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A Medieval Weapon Teaches You How to Get Lag and Crush Your Drives

TweetWe’re going medieval with today’s lesson! I found a really cool way to demonstrate how a proper golf release almost

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How to Turn Like Tiger | Right Arm, the Key to Width in the Golf Swing

TweetGet ready!  Because you’re going to find out why the right arm is the key to width in the golf swing and to

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The Release in Golf, a Key for Effortless Power in Tiger Woods’ Swing

TweetThis week’s winner, Tiger Woods. This weeks loser, Steve Stricker. So how did one of the nicest, most well liked

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