Tiger Woods Swing | How the Body Works During the Golf Downswing

TweetThrough all the changes Tiger Woods’ swing has undergone in the past 15 years, one thing has remained very constant

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The Release in Golf, a Key for Effortless Power in Tiger Woods’ Swing

TweetThis week’s winner, Tiger Woods. This weeks loser, Steve Stricker. So how did one of the nicest, most well liked

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Tiger Woods Swing’ – The Evolution of a Champion

TweetTiger Woods (long pause and shake of the head). What more can be said about Tiger Woods’ swing that hasn’t

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The Tiger Drill: 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking Finale (Day 9)

TweetYou Can Work the Golf Ball Like Tiger or Hogan In the final installment of the 9 Days to Amazing

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Tiger Woods Swing

TweetWe’ve all admired it, even through the countless swing changes it has undergone. But in the end, Tiger Woods’ swing

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