3 Perfect Ways To Fix Lower Body Faults In Your Golf Swing

New Video: Perfecting Lower Body Stability
By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

"I finally put together the full swing. Shot 72 at the Bay Hill. I was actually 3 over on the last 4 holes. I panicked a bit when I thought about shooting in the 60's! Didn't know how to react ...as I hadn't been that low in about 6 years." - John G. - January 2015

lower body in the golf swing

Using your lower body for stability in the golf swing is extremely important!

In this new video, I'll show you some of the common mistakes made, leading to an unstable lower body in your golf swing.

I'll show you exactly WHY these faults are made, and more importantly, I'll show you HOW to correct these key areas of the swing:

Setup position
Takeaway and backswing
Downswing and impact

Understanding your faults and having a crystal clear solution on how to correct these nagging issues, will kick your game back into high gear.

Let's get to work on fixing your lower body issues once and for all!

lower body power in golf

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