Jordan Spieth: Keys To Consistent in Golf Swing | Video (2022)

We are back again this week with the 2015 US Open Champion Jordan Spieth, who has now picked up both majors in the 2015 season at 21 years of age. That is awesome, awesome, awesome stuff. And we look forward to seeing how the rest of the season pans out for Jordan.

If you’ve been looking for more consistency in your golf game, I’m gonna be focusing in on two areas of Jordan’s golf swing that in turn allowed him to become a little bit better of a ball striker as of late. And that coupled with some awesome putting is in turn making him a very dangerous threat on the golf course.

So if you’re looking for more consistency, then you want to pay close attention. Let’s go ahead and get started.

All right guys, so as I said in the opener, we’re gonna be focusing in on two key areas of Jordan’s golf swing that he’s doing really well now. In turn he’s become a much better ball striker. And when he is having great ball striking rounds, or even great ball striking tournaments, he becomes almost unbeatable with as good as he is one the greens.

So the good news is is that aside from the stuff that we’re gonna discuss today, we have some good putting videos that Chuck was able to get put together that are gonna be starting to come out this week. So you want to pay close attention to those. And if you get everything kind of firing on all cylinders like Jordan is, you’re gonna in turn become a dangerous threat on the golf course yourself. Obviously not saying at the Jordan Spieth level, but be able to get out there and play some good golf as a whole.

So looking these two areas, we’re gonna look at the down the line perspective first. First area we’re gonna discuss is going to be spine angle. I know a lot of you at home are gonna think I sound like a broken record with this stuff. But again, this is where a lot of amateur golfers struggle. And a lot of times it’s overlooked. Because a lot of us are trying to focus on lag or whatever it may be. But if we can get consistency first, then it’s gonna be much easier to add speed variables to it later.

So the big thing here that you want to be able to do, is you want to be able to maintain the angle of our spine that we had at the address position. And you’re gonna see that Jordan does that really well.

Okay, see he’s working through the take way, long into the back so you can see the perfect maintenance of that angle to his spine that he had at address. And then in his downward move, you’re gonna see him still continue to maintain it. Here into the hitting area, still maintaining the spine. And then post impact, all the way into the 3:00 position he is still in that same exact spine angle that he started with.

So if you’ve noticed yourself having some fluctuation with through the takeaway, or even in to the back swing position where you see that your spine has now moved a little bit more vertical, then we have to understand what the problem is.

And 9 times out of 10, the problem really has come down to lower body stability. Being able to load your trail sight up properly. So if you’ve noticed that your hips are coming forward, then you need to work on loading your right side up properly.

We’ve got some videos that will help you out with that. We’ve got Perfecting Lower Body Stability, and we’ve got Load the Right Glute. Those videos are gonna be over here in the recommended videos tab to the right hand side of the video player. Any time I mention a video on one of the tour analysis, that’s where they’ll be. So you can click on that, all the videos will populate. You can go through those and that will help you kind of work through the processes of what we’re talking about.

Okay. So if you notice that, your hips are coming forward on the back swing, then you want to work on lower body stability video and you want to load up you’re right glute. That’ll in turn help us maintain the angle to the spine.

And then in the downward move, if you’ve noticed some change or fluctuation to the spine, then we want to work on a video called Tush Line and then Sitting into the Left Side. Those are some great videos that are gonna teach you how to keep your hips back and in turn you’re gonna be able to keep the angle to your spine all the way through the hitting area. Which is gonna allow you to become much more consistent.

So correct your spine angle first. Make sure that you’re maintaining and that you’re rotating around your axis without having any sort of big change, and then from a face on perspective, what we’re gonna work on is club face rotation.

So I’m gonna mark the position of his lead wrist here, throughout this move. We’re gonna see his glove logo now facing down. His target line here at the address position. Then as we start to get to about a hip height area, you’re gonna see the glove logo now facing out towards the camera here.

And because we’re looking at this from a two dimensional space, that arrow is gonna point down, but you kind of get the point here. That the glove level in now facing towards the camera.

And then as we get to about chest height, you’re gonna see the glove logo continuing to rotate. So now it’s starting to work and point more up towards the sky here. Not directly up towards the sky, but you can see that there was some rotation from where it was at the camera. And now it’s working more upward. And then right to the top of the swing here, you can see that his glove logo is now facing more up towards the sky here.

So you can see there was some gradual rotation throughout this process. Where it was facing down at the target line, and then all the way up to the sky here at the top.

Now in the downward move here, you’re gonna see the glove logo working into almost the same exact positions. Okay, so you can see here at the chest height position, you can see the glove logo is still facing in that same direction as it was on the way back.

And then at about hip height, you’re gonna see that it’s facing back towards the camera here. And then as it starts to work down in the hitting area, you can see that that lead wrist is starting to square and turn down at the target line and here we are at impact.

Let me move this arrow for us.

And you can see that that glove logo is now facing back down towards the target line. So there was some gradual rotation of the wrist throughout the entire golf swing.

So if you’ve been struggling with this, then there’s some good videos to help you out with this on the side. There’s Squaring the Face Early, that’s in the down swing section. Again, I’ll put these over on the recommended tab. We have Knuckles Down, Logo Down, those are some great videos that will start to teach you how to control from the left wrist.

And then Five Minutes to a Perfect Release. So those three videos are gonna teach you how to allow the club face to rotate and as it was designed to do. And in turn you’re gonna get over a lot of those miss hit golf shots and you’ll be well on your way to playing some fantastic golf. Providing that you can maintain your spine angle with it.

All right guys, so that’s our game plan for now. So again, congratulations to Jordan. And good luck to you guys on your golf striking here in 2015. Now let’s make it a great day.

Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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