Get More Club Speed Like PGA Champ Jordan Spieth – Top Tips

New Video: Jordan Spieth – Brake and Release
By Chris Tyler, Rotary Swing Director of Certification

Awesome success from RST student James S. – “I am working on the changes and shot my new year’s best score this am from the member tees at my home course. 73 with three birdies and four bogies. 12 fairways hit. A couple of very long drives for this time of year. Yesterday hit one right at 320 yards and stunned my playing partners. FUN!”

Jordan Spieth golf swing

Congrats to the young 21 year old sensation Jordan Spieth for winning his first major championship at the 2015 Masters.

For years, we have heard TV commentators tell you to spin your body through the hitting area. Well, you can do that if you want to lose a lot of speed in your golf swing.

In this new video, I’ll show you how to use your trail foot as a brake for the lower body, so that you can release the club with maximum speed where it counts most…impact!

Stalling the body has been a controversial topic in the past and I’ll show you just how the #2 player in the world does it pretty darn well.

Get speed and consistency back in your game today!

Jordan Speith major champion

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