How To Start the Downswing in Golf – Easy Methods | Tips (2021)

If you’ve struggled with building a proper downswing and trying to understand how to get into a proper downswing, listen up, because this video’s going to completely change the way that you think about and understand how to sequence the golf swing.

The reality is, is that for almost every amateur golfer on the planet, they struggle with one thing and one thing only, and that is weight shift. Shifting your weight back to the left is the most important fundamental that you must master. All tour pros do it well, and almost all amateurs do it poorly.

So, listen up, because I’m going to show you just how important weight shift is and how to shift your weight so that you can build a proper downswing, get in the correct positions, create more lag, proper swing plane and a perfect impact position.

So, with the downswing, what most people do and where they make their mistake is they go to the top of the swing and they fire their arms as hard as they can from the top. This hit instinct makes a ton of sense, it just doesn’t work out.

We go to the top of our swing, we’ve got all our muscles loaded up and we just wanna fire and hit as hard as we can and unfortunately what it does is it actually makes it almost impossible to shift your weight and here’s why.

If I go to the top of my swing and I’ve shifted my weight to the right, let’s say I’m 70-80 percent on the right side, I’m getting ready to go back to the left, and I pull my arms back down to the ball as hard as I can where does my weight go?

Well, I’m creating force going this way, if you have a club right now, hop up, pick up the club, go to the top and pull your arms down as hard as you can and feel where you increase pressure.

You’re instantly going to feel it on that right foot and no matter what you tell your brain, no matter how good your intentions are of getting your weight back to the left, it’s never gonna happen, because your priorities are in the wrong spot.

If you wanna shift your weight back to the left, which of course you do, you have to, to build a proper downswing, then you need to prioritize shifting your weight. In fact, it’s so important that my entire Rotary Swing Tour five step system, the first step is built around weight shift.

We don’t worry about your position, your takeaway, or the back swing or impact, we make sure you shift your weight correctly first and then we worry about the rest of the swing. That’s how important weight shift really is.

So, to go to the top of your swing, the key is that you wanna relax your arms, and hands and shoulders. In fact, from the chest up, doesn’t really need to do anything, you need to chill out and focus and prioritize shifting your weight.

golf swing lag drillIf you do that, a couple things are gonna happen, one you’re gonna create more lag, that’s the Rotary Swing Thesis statement, is to create, maintain, and release lag. Many golfers wanna set their wrist right away and create a ton of tension in their forearms and with the time they get to the top of the swing their wrists don’t have anywhere else to go.

So, of course they begin to cast the club, you gotta make sure that you still got a little bit of room in your wrist at the top to create a natural down cock, which is created when you shift your weight while keeping your wrists relaxed.

If you can do that, all good things are gonna start to happen. So, as I go to the top of my swing, the club’s going back this way, and my weight shifting back to left using my left leg is gonna pull my hands back this way. So, I’ve got the club going one way toward the target and my hands are now being pulled back away from the target, if my wrists are soft, guess what’s gonna happen, it’s gonna make them bend.

So, I go to the top of my swing, the club’s going this way, my wrists are getting pulled back to the left by my weight shift and my wrists naturally down cock. If I keep them relaxed, I’m gonna have more lag than I know what to do with. I don’t even need to worry about creating lag.

Lag is a by-product of doing other things correctly and the biggest one is shifting your weight back to the left during the transition. So, going back to the top, the other thing that it does, is as I shift my pelvis to the left, using my left leg to help pull me over, watch what happens to my axis tilt, my spine leans back further.

As my spine leans back that shallows out the swing plane and that’s what allows the club to drop down into what you call the proverbial slot. Again you never try and route the club or do something active with your hands to get the club on plane or create lag.

It’s moving your big muscles in your body correctly that makes the club go exactly where you want it to. So, these two awesome things, shallowing out the swing plane and creating more lag are gonna help you get all the way down an impact, just by focusing on shifting your weight.

With Rotary Swing, we want you to do all of these drills indoors, so we actually, the entire system is built around you practicing in front of a mirror, because it’s a 1000 times more productive than ever bounding balls. Think about it, if you go out and hit balls, you’re swinging at full speed, you’re worried about making contact, you’re worried about where the ball goes, you’re worried about looking silly if somebody’s watching you, you’re going to be focusing on the wrong things and you’re never going to be able to do the movements correctly until you start isolating things.

So, with Rotary Swing, what we do is we actually take your arms and your club out of it at first. We want you just to focus on moving the body and once the body’s moving correctly, so I can worry about shifting my weight now, because I don’t have any tension in my arms and shoulders and as I shift back to the left and post up on this left side, it’s pulled my shoulders back to square, my hips are open and then once I do this drill with a club, my hands are gonna be right where I want them to be at impact.

So, weight shift is the crux of the golf swing, it’s one of the most important things to master and I want you to take a look at this bonus video that’s gonna go more in depth on how to shift your weight, how to do drills that you can do indoors and out to make sure that you build a proper downswing following the Rotary Swing Tour method.

Okay, so you’ve just watched the weight shift video, now we’re gonna do just the drills so you don’t have to go back through me talking for a while, just the drills. So, this is what we’re gonna start out with, you’re gonna start with your feet together, again you can hit balls with this, you don’t have to at first. It would be great if you could work up to it.

Start with your feet together. You’re gonna take a step to the right, full step, left foot’s in the air, lightly touching the ground if you need it for balance, then take a step to the left and the key here is that you wanna try and get your right foot to be almost completely unweighted by the time you get into impact.

So, let me show you again, we’re gonna take a step to the right, my weight’s all the way to the right, take a step to the left and if I come down really slow, you’ll see at impact my right foot almost all of my weight is really on my left foot.

So, we’re really forcing you to shift your weight all the way back, through, and you’ll see that as I’m doing this I can stack other pieces of my other drills on RST on here, so I can work on my down cock, keeping my hands soft, making a full turn, turning my hips, you can stack other pieces on here, but for right now I want you just to focus on this.
Now, as you get comfortable and you work up to hitting balls like this, then you start making these steps smaller and smaller so I’ll take a little bit closer to normal stance, my steps are getting smaller.

Now, I’m just kind of lifting my feet up and down, without taking this big step, this is forcing you to shift your weight. Now you don’t have to do so much. As I get better and better and I’m really transferring my weight, I’m starting to feel active and alive in my legs again, for the first time in a while.

Now, I’m just gonna lift my heel, lifting my heel, same drill, still making me shift my weight, because my foot gets really light. My foot gets really light, so I get even better and I get more comfortable, now I’m taking out the actual step and the lift.

I’m just gonna start to feel that my heel gets light in my shoe.

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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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