How to Properly Load Right Leg in Golf Backswing AND Stop Overswinging

Properly loading the right leg for stability and rotary power in the golf swing has a side benefit - it will also stop your overswinging instantly!

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When you load the way I teach you in this golf instruction video, you'll feel like your golf swing won't be able to go back any farther than this!

So, if you're tired of your instructor simply telling you to "stop here" or just "swing shorter", I'm going to cover some crucial instruction from our new premium video that may be the cure you've been looking for.

As if that wasn't enough, it will also teach you how to perfectly sequence the transition!

What Causes Overswinging

Most golfers overswing because they over use the arms immediately during the takeaway.

When this happens, the sequencing is completely out of whack, and there is no stopping the backswing until the arms and shoulders feel fully loaded.

Because of the significant range of motion the arms have at the shoulder socket, this typically leads to an extremely long backswing - or "overswing".

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The key to the golf swing is always about sequencing, and I'm going to show you exactly how to sequence the backswing so that you can never overswing again in a way that you've NEVER heard before.

Stop the Overswing in Your Backswing

During the initial stages of the golf backswing, the big muscles should do a lot of the "heavy lifting".

One part that isn't talked about too much by most golf instructors, but is a core fundamental of RST, is the loading of the right glute and leg during the takeaway.

If done properly, it makes an overswing basically impossible and builds incredible power in the golf swing.

To properly load the right glute as I discuss in the new premium video, start by standing on just your right leg and rotating back and forth on just your right hip.

While standing straight up and down, you'll feel a minimal load and begin to grow accustomed to the muscular load you're going to feel during the backswing in golf.

Now, bend forward at the waist like you would in your golf setup and flex the right knee.

Maintaining this posture and your knee flex, rotate back on your right hip as demonstrated in the new premium video. NOW WHAT DO YOU FEEL?

This intense loading happens quickly, much quicker than what it takes to load the muscles in the shoulder girdle.

Because of this, your brain will be wanting to release this tension in the hip long before you ever get to your normal long backswing position.

In fact, you'll likely feel you can't even make a half swing!

The Downswing in Golf Starts from the Ground Up

We've all heard that phrase in golf, but you've likely never been taught exactly how to do it.

In this golf instruction video, you'll not only feel exactly how to properly load the right hip in the backswing and stop your overswing, but you'll even have the added bonus of being able to start your downswing with your lower body first.

Because this is critical for power in the golf swing, mastering this move will not only shorten your backswing, but will also give you the effortless power you've always dreamed of by teaching you the proper sequencing to the downswing you never thought possible.

The Transition in the Downswing

If there's one area of the golf swing that 90% of all amateur golfers get wrong, it's the transition.

However, if you perform the movement I show you in the video, your downswing transition will be automatic!

That's because, for perhaps the first time in your golfing career, you'll load the right muscles in your body in the correct sequence. THAT IS THE KEY TO THE TRANSITION!!

Many amateur golfers who have tried to work on the downswing sequence they see in tour pros, where the upper body is still rotating back to the top while the lower half is unwinding, find it nearly impossible and assume they just aren't coordinated enough to do it.

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That's simply not true!

The dynamic sequencing you see in most tour pros who use the RST fundamentals, such as Tiger Woods, Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy, is simply a matter of load sequencing.

If you load the muscles in the proper sequence, they will unload in the proper sequence!

Your body will use the loaded feeling in the right hip area as a cue that it needs to release tension - or transition in the other direction. This will automatically trigger the dynamic transition move you see in ALL powerful golfers.

And this video shows you the first step in loading - the most important one!


Run, Don't Walk to Watch This New Premium Video Now!

So, if you're seeking an automatic, dynamic and more powerful transition and want to shorten your golf swing, master the move in this new premium video now!

Stop Your Overswing


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