How To Start Proper Golf DownSwing: Secret to the Down Swing

You can make a lot of mistakes in the golf takeaway or backswing, or even in your setup, and still get away with hitting the ball pretty well…IF you have a proper golf downswing.

What exactly does that mean though? Well, that’s what I am going to show you in this video called “Golf Downswing – How To Sequence”.

When people discuss the key components to the downswing, the most talked about term you will hear mentioned is sequence. What does this term mean? Sequencing is just the simple of way explaining what body parts move first from the top of the downswing all the way into impact.

Learning how to properly sequence is everything that makes up a good downswing and can really define how well you can play this game. So, if you want to be a good golfer, then I strongly encourage you to watch this video now!

What have you just learned…

Perfecting the downswing sequence in the golf swing is completely dependent on how you load muscles in your body. Yep, that’s right! What your body listens to most in the swing is tension. When you create a lot of tension in your muscles, what do they want to do? They want to fire and release that tension.

What does this mean to you…

If you have struggled with your downswing sequence, there is a good chance that you probably loaded up the wrong muscles first. Which muscle groups am I speaking of? Most amateur golfers are so prone to loading their shoulders and arms first, which in turn leads to a downswing that is driven by these muscle groups and with very little help from the bigger muscles in your legs and your core. This causes the dreaded over the top golf swing, which can lead to a big slice or a loss of power and control.

How do you fix it…

We want the swing to start from the ground up, so we must learn how to load up our trunk first. It is important to shift your weight and load up your trail leg and then stabilize the hips by getting your glutes to first first. These are very big muscles that can aid in power and downswing sequence. Once you have the glutes engaged, you want to load up your core by rotating your body properly over your trail leg. I have a perfect video that is known as a favorite among our premium members of Rotary Swing called “How to swing from the ground up“. You need to see this video now by clicking here. The drills in this video will give you a clear solution on how to properly load up your swing, so that sequencing becomes a breeze.

Now that we have covered the importance of sequencing as well as the causes for improper downswing sequencing, it is time to start getting to work and making sure you have things prioritized in a way that you can play much more efficient golf than you ever have. The usage of your smaller muscles in your swing has set up a chain reaction of events that can be extremely difficult to overcome. I know how good the feeling of a well compressed golf shot is, and more importantly, I know that I do not want to have to work hard to get that golf ball to go as far as humanly possible, with a good bit of control of course.

The key to your success when working on your golf swing is to make sure you work on the most problematic things first. As I mentioned at the start, you can have a less than perfect takeaway or backswing and still hit the ball reasonably well. So, it may be best to work on getting your downswing sequence perfect first, and then revisit those areas that are so often discussed like swing plane. I am not saying that the other areas of the swing are not important in the grand scheme of things, I am simply saying that it is always best to get the big picture stuff in a good place before working on the small details.

Good luck on your game and get to work perfecting your downswing sequence now!




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