Live View Pro Video Mirror System for Golf


The fastest way to improve your golf swing with the DEAD Drill – being able to see what you’re doing in real time, from any angle!

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You guys know I hate training aids, so I was skeptical when Live View sent this to me, but I’m a real convert now. It’s exactly what I WISHED I had had 10 years ago and I could’ve saved a ton in giant, bulky mirrors!

And it’s incredibly portable! There’s ZERO excuse now for not improving when you can see EXACTLY what you did, on every drill, every swing and every shot.

If you’re enrolled in a BootCamp, this or a mirror is a must, but since a large mirror takes up way more space and costs about the same, I’d suggest the Live View Pro as you’ll look real silly pulling up to the range with a 3 foot by 6 foot mirror in the back of your car!

Works with iOS and Android devices!

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Mirror Yourself for Faster Learning

Our Digital Swing Mirror (DSM) technology provides instant visual feedback just like a real mirror to match your body movements. This feedback links the visual and physical movements to create accurate kinesthetic feedback for dramatically accelerated learning.

See Yourself From Any Angle

Better than a mirror, Live View Golf can be placed anywhere to monitor your swing from any angle.

Swing Tools Guide You

Draw  coaching objects that provide a clear reference to guide every practice swing.  Insert lines to indicate the correct swingplane, posts to track head and body movements, and circles to learn stable head position through all phases of your swing.

Persistent Lines Save Time

Once drawn, swing objects remain constant and stationary with every practice swing and are transferred automatically to recorded videos.

Save Templates for Future Use

Save line sets as templates for fast recall during your next practice session.

Automatic Swing Detect

LiveView’s DSM™ can automatically record every swing during your practice session.   Using proprietary technology the LiveView app records 2 seconds prior and 2 second after ball  impact to provide your full swing sequence.

Instant Slow Motion Replay

Swings can also be set to play back automatically in slow motion to give you a sense for what is happening in a full swing.

Wireless Convenience

Live View Golf is completely wireless.  With no cables to plug in and wires to tangle, you are free to place the camera anywhere you want.

No Internet Necessary

Live View Golf connects directly to your tablet over WiFi and Internet is NOT required for operation.

2 Hour Battery

The battery is designed for over 2 hours of continuous use so that you don’t have to stop practicing.


The short tripod is $29 and is called the LivePod Adapter.

The taller tripod in the picture is the LivePod2 and is $49.



Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 8 in
With Tripod?

No Tripod $349, LivePod2 add $49, LivePod Adapter add $29

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