Rotary Swing Tour Certification Manual


Get the best golf instruction book in the industry. Given 5 stars on, this book is for those golfers who are serious about understanding the mechanics of the golf swing and those seeking to teach others the Rotary Swing Tour methodology.

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***This is now a 2nd edition!***  This edition includes full color images and a few tweaks in the text for clarity.


Rotary Swing Tour (RST) Certification is reserved for the very brightest and knowledgeable golf instructors and astute golf students in the world. This book, while directed toward those looking to teach the Rotary Swing Tour, is geared toward everyone who wants to study the mechanics of the golf swing.

When students take golf lessons from RST Certified golf instructors, they are guaranteed to be working with the most extensively trained and tested golf instructors anywhere.

To become RST Certified is not easy. The tests are very hard and require a deep understanding of many disciplines typical golf instructor training neglects.

It is required that all potential candidates progress through each level, starting with the Level 1 certification. Once Level 1 is passed, you will have attained knowledge and understanding about the golf swing that will far surpass anything available to anyone else in the golf instruction industry and will be well on your way to becoming one of the select few “Master Rotary Swing Instructors.”

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