RotarySwing Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to More Quickly Improve Golfer’s Swings

RS-AI and G-IQ

RotarySwing Artificial Intelligence (RS-AI) – Measures G-IQ – Golf Intuition Quotient

Intuition. It’s a loaded word, isnt it?

For many, it’s some mystical, ethereal thing that some have and some don’t.

But I don’t think of intuition this way. Intuition for me is much more concrete – measurable even.

I think of intuition as the sum of all your experiences being accessed and processed by your subconscious mind in real time.

We live in a world where intellect and intelligence are valued above all else.

But the logic processing center of the brain can only process one thing at a time, which makes it pretty limited in its capabilities and clumsy when it comes to movement (imagine talking yourself through how to walk and you will see what I mean!).

You’ve no doubt experienced this while working on your swing – how many swing thoughts can you handle at once?

One, if you’re lucky. And even that one thought tends to throw us off as conscious level thinking is slow and cumbersome and makes us move disjointed and un-athletically.

But the subconscious mind (our intuition?) can process a near limitless amount of information in real time and is perfectly suited for the job of being in charge of your golf swing.

When you think about all the moving parts of your body that are involved in swinging a golf club and the millions of variables and the countless muscles that have to fire in the right sequence in less than a second, you quickly realize that there is simply no time for “thinking” and “deductive reasoning”.

Which is why the entire purpose of the RotarySwing method has always been about training the subconscious mind.

We do this by following the neuro-mechanics of how the brain learns new movement patterns; from the physical construction of a new neural pathway that represents the new movement pattern you are learning to the myelination of this pathway to allow the electrical signal to travel fast enough to perform the movements at the speeds required for a powerful golf swing.

Things happen much too fast in the swing to “think” your way through it, so we have to transfer our “knowledge” into “know how”.

Less thinking, more doing.

And to do that, I’m leveraging my knowledge and experience of neuro-mechanics with some “Terminator” level futuristic machine learning.

There are three critical components to movement pattern learning that RS-AI is built upon.


It’s no secret that the more you repeat something the more skilled you become at it and RotarySwing has always followed this well-known principal.

The RotarySwing AI system is built around a prescribed number of repetitions that is unique to each phase.

But repetition isn’t the only thing that determines how good of a golfer you’re going to become because, of course, you need to practice the right things in the right order to see lasting improvement and visible change.

The sequence of drills in each phase of the program takes care of that for you so that you don’t have to think about what to work on.

But what you are responsible for is the frequency and quality of your practice.

If you practice playing the guitar for one day and then don’t practice it again for a month, how good do you expect to be a month from now?

By that time you’ve pretty much lost everything that you worked for on that one day of practice and are essentially starting over from scratch.

That’s why our algorithm takes into consideration the frequency of practice because any movement pattern, and especially so during the learning phase, is a perishable skill.

As you know from “learning” videos, it takes a minimum of 100-300 reps just to build a new pathway in the brain, but then you need to continue to practice in order to “cement” (myelinate) that pathway to make this new pattern of movement permanent.

The more frequent you practice and enter your scores into ScoreTracker, the fewer reps that will be required in order to master the movement pattern in that phase.

Which brings us to our third critical component to learning new movement patterns, and that is focus.

It does you no good to practice in a sloppy and haphazard manner as you will simply be reinforcing your old bad habits.

That’s why we have broken up the practice sessions into sets of 10 balls each so that you can be completely focused on what you are working on for a brief period of time and then give your mind a brief break while you enter your scores.

Scoring yourself is very critical because it will keep you focused and ensure that you are practicing with intent rather than just aimlessly hitting balls.

So if you are getting in lots of reps but your scores are low and your frequency shows that you’re not practicing very often it will take you longer to move through each phase than someone who is practicing diligently everyday and very focused getting high scores while getting in a lot of reps during each practice session.

This golfer will improve much faster.

So, you will see that your progress meter will change frequently based on the scores that you enter and how often you enter them because the algorithm is personalizing itself to your practice habits and ability to guide you to permanent improvement the fastest way possible.

Are there ways to speed up the learning process?

YES! The Bonus Challenges are designed to both speed up the learning process and enhance your skill set in each phase.

This is because they challenge your brain to take your new skill and further develop it through more advanced movements that reinforce what you have already learned while teaching you more advanced shot shaping capabilities.

As such, when you enter your score from a Bonus Challenge practice session, they can influence the overall number of reps required to complete that phase.

With RS-AI, we are combining research proven neuro-mechanics with real-time machine learning to tailor and accelerate your learning experience so that you can achieve the results you’re really after – to become a ballstriking master!

So, when you see the new dashboard, you will see that it’s built around measuring not your Intelligence Quotient because just watching and memorizing everything I have said in the videos won’t make you a better golfer.

It’s measuring and charting your Golf Intuition Quotient (G-IQ) that measures not what you know, but what you can do.

It adjusts with every shot entered, every day you practice (and don’t!) and guides you with what to practice to boost your G-IQ so you don’t just know the swing, but you can “walk the walk” as well.

Real demonstrable results with ball flight AND swing mechanics – that’s C4.

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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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