Sean O’Hair Makes A Huge Shoulder Turn In His Backswing, You Can Too!

New Video: Sean O’Hair – Big Shoulder Turn
By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

Check out this awesome student success from Vincent V. – “I joined the Rotary Swing website a year ago and I had never broken 90. I just wanted to let you know that I just shot 75 this past weekend and I am still in shock. Thank you all so much!”

Sean O'hair golf swing analysis

Congrats to Sean O’hair for making a great comeback in professional golf. Sean worked his way to the top of the leader board, and came up just short in a 3-way playoff.

In this new tour video, I’ll show you a perfect way to put more rotation in your backswing. I’ll also show you some of the common mistakes that could be making it impossible for you to get a full shoulder turn.

You will see how how keeping your trail arm straight could be the perfect solution to getting you into a much more powerful backswing position.

Let’s build up some real power in your golf swing now!

Sean O'hair golf swing analysis

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