How To Stop Slicing Golf Ball: Learn Trick [Simple Steps] in 2021

Did you know that you can do everything perfectly in your golf swing and still hit a slice? Yep! If you don’t know what causes that, you better watch this video!

Believe it or not, your slice could be completely dependent on where you are striking the ball on the club face.

Interesting fact: If you were to strike the golf ball with a perfect path and a square club face, but miss the center of the club by only a half inch towards the heel, the ball can curve offline by 20+ yards! That is a crazy amount of curvature that we must get under control.

If you missed my previous video that talks about correcting your swing plane (path) before you work on anything else, then you need to watch that by clicking here now!

As you well see, most of your slicing and mishits come from the right side dominance you have in your golf swing. Believe me, I know how powerful and coordinated it can feel to use this side of the body in your entire swing. However, not only are you costing yourself control, you could be also costing yourself a ton of clubhead speed.

Getting setup over the golf ball properly and putting your right side in a passive position is critical for entire swing. If you are uncertain on how to get setup properly, I have a great video that you need to check out here.

Curing your slice is not an easy task if you have not learned how to use your lower body during the golf swing. By learning how to use your lower body properly, you could save yourself from overwhelming amounts of frustration and be the missing link to your slice cure.

If you haven’t heard the term “building the swing from the ground up”,  then you must watch a Rotary Swing member favorite called “How to swing from the ground up“. This video alone will solve a ton of the issues in your swing that cause you to slice or mishit shots. See this video by clicking here now!

Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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