What is the PERFECT Golf Swing?

Hello everyone. Chuck Quinton here, founder of Rotary Swing University. And today we’re gonna talk about the perfect golf swing. Now what is the perfect golf swing exactly?

Well first of all, the perfect golf swing is what everybody dreams of. Everybody wants the perfect golf swing, that looks great, that hits the ball a long ways and that does it consistently and so on, but really what the perfect golf swing is in my opinion is three specific things.

The Perfect Golf Swing is SIMPLE

One to be a perfect golf swing its got to be simple. What I really mean by that is, its got to have the fewest moving parts possible.

jim furyk golf swingYou look at somebody like Jim Furyk, Jim Furyk is a phenomenal golfer and it’s amazing what he’s done in his career, no matter what kind of golf swing he has, but of course when you look at Jim Furyk’s swing, you look at that and say, “Man that thing has a lot of moving parts.”

As a golf instructor, I look at that and say it absolutely works, certainly through the hitting area. If you look at his TrackMan stats, he is about as close to being zeroed out with his path and club face angle as anybody in the PGA tour, so certainly that’s a golf swing that’s extremely effective, but imagine trying to teach somebody that movement pattern that Jim has done for his whole life and he’s perfected that and he’s gotten consistent with it, but imagine trying … If you were gonna take on that swing pattern today, how difficult would it be for you to learn that?

Well, it would be very, very difficult, because it has a tremendous amount of moving parts, which make it very difficult for somebody to learn that movement pattern. When it has a lot of moving parts, a golf swing becomes very difficult to become repeatable and consistent.

So at Rotary Swing University, one of our top priorities in helping you build the perfect golf swing is to show you the fewest moving parts humanly possible. One of those things I talk about for most golfers, where they really, really struggle is getting to a good position of the top of the backswing.

Now there’s a million things that have got to happen before that, but I want to share with you a video below that’s gonna show you that how simple the Rotary Swing backswing is, because you literally can’t move any less in order to get into a perfect position at the top.

In fact, I’m gonna show you three simple moves. We call it REF, rotation, elevation, flexion. They’re gonna put you in a as good of a position as Trevor Immelmen, Tiger Woods, Adam Scott, you name it.

chuck quinton augustaYour backswing’s going to be perfect following the Rotary Swing methodology because we give you the fewest moving part humanly possible to build a perfect golf swing and specifically a perfect backswing.

The Perfect Golf Swing is POWERFUL

However, my second thing that makes onto the top three list for being a perfect golf swing, is it has to be powerful. So you can move very, very little as in, say a putting stroke, but there’s not going to be any power in that.

So, with the backswing movement that I’ve showed you in the video up above, by doing the REF movements, not only are you moving as little as humanly possible, but you’re still putting yourself into position of true power in the swing. You’re going to be able to produce tremendous speed.

I use this exact same position at the top of the swing to swing 129 miles and hour. That was my peak club head speed. My average was 124 when I was playing full time.

And this is the same position that you’re seeing earlier as I mentioned Tiger, Trevor, you know, all these great ball strikers. Adam Scott.

They get in the same position that you see here, but they’re also still able to produce a ton of speed. So there’s the two requirements to be a perfect golf swing. So it has to be simple, but it still has to be powerful, so how can you move as little as humanly possible and still produce maximum club head speed. That’s their goal.

The Perfect Golf Swing is SAFE

If these two things are met, then we have to meet my third requirement for the perfect golf swing, and that is, it has to be safe on the body. This is non negotiable for Rotary Swing University students.

This is why we have so many golfers who come to us after they’ve already been injured and they come to us and say, “Look, I still want to play the game of golf, but my bodies a wreck. I hurt my back. I hurt my hip. I hurt my thumb, my elbow.”

You name it, we’ve seen it all and that’s why we have this huge medical panel of orthopedic and neurosurgeons on the site, because they’ve gone through a help desk strategically craft Rotary Swing to be simple, to be powerful, and to be safe.

So one of the biggest stats that I think most people never realize and never hear about, is that four out of five, more than four out of five guys on the PGA tour will miss on average about nine weeks for some sort of golf swing related injury at some point in their career.

Now as amateur golfers, these statistics are even a little bit more alarming, because what they show is as you get better, the prevalence for injury increases dramatically. So in other words, if you’re a 30 handicapper, you’re probably not that likely to get injured relatively.

Now when I say relatively, it doesn’t mean you’re not likely to get injured. I think the statistics are still 40% or 50%, but compared to the 81% that the PGA tour sees, it’s relatively less, but still one out of two chance with poor swing mechanics, like you’ve probably developed by going out and mot taking lessens, and not getting good instruction, and pounding balls on the range, you’ve developed a lot of bad faulty swing patterns that are gonna get you injured.

Now as you go down from a 30 to a 20 handicap, the chance of injury increases significantly. As you go down to ten into the single digits, you start getting into those PGA tour statistics where again, 4 out of five percent chance of injury. Now why is this? Well the bottom line is, it’s poor mechanics.

Part of it is the golf swing in unilateral, it’s very one sided. It’s a very unbalance, unnatural movement in so many ways. However, you don’t have to get injured hitting a ball with a stick.

That’s the simple fact of it. With Rotary Swing, we’re gonna insure that your body is in the safest position humanly possible to be able to fight all the forces that go on in a golf swing.

There are tremendous forces, I mean the physics of it are dramatic. The driver head, which if you take a driver head off a shaft right now, it ways just barely over 200 grams. It’s less than half a pound. So it’ very light, but through the hitting areas, when you’ve got all of this speed, that driver head effectively weighs over 100 pounds.

So imagine that amount of force that that’s being exerted on your body with something moving that weighs 100 pounds around your body in this orbit. You’ve got to be in a position to be able to fight those forces safely to protect your body.

Even today, with all of this science and understanding that we have today, there’s still so many golfers who have really poor mechanics and get injured all the time especially on the PGA tour. The statistics don’t lie.

Four our of five are gonna get injured. So the problem is you have to start building a swing from the ground up with a proper foundation and that foundation is bio mechanically, am I in a position that can potentially get me injured.

rotaryswing universityThat’s the first thing we look at when we look at our golfers swing. When they come to the Rotary Swing Academy. We’re looking at what are you doing that’s hurting your body, or that can hurt you body, because if you get hurt, there’s no point. You’re not gonna be able to practice anymore.

You’re not gonna be able to play. So you might be able to hit the ball farther doing what you’re doing right now, but you’re gonna put yourself in a position of injury and miss the whole golf season because you hurt you back.

So it’s better to tone it back a little bit at first while you’re learning. Obviously you can still build the power and speed into your golf swing once you’ve developed proper golf swing mechanics.

You guys can build tremendous speed by having proper mechanics, but so many doctors don’t want to take that step back and it’s just “Well this is how I swing and it is what it si. I’m just gonna live with the back issues.” Or, “I think my swing’s fine and I don’t think it’s gonna ’cause my any injury?

Look at all the golfers in the 70s, 60s and 70s. The Weiskopf era, the Nicholas era, the Watson era, all of those guys were the peak, pinnacle golfers of that time. All of those guys have had their hips replaced.

Now think about that for a second.

What started that whole era was dragging hard off the right leg. Getting the left leg, the left hip outside of neutral joint alignment with his big lateral slide which you can only do by pushing too hard off the right leg and getting yourself in a position where you’re gonna put tremendous undo stress on your lumbar spine and your hip. Labrum tares etcetera, we’re all prevalent and the most of these guys have had their hips replaced at least once.

All of that stuff is totally preventable by just learning how to move your body in the correct sequence form the correct parts of your body.

So for instance, for impact, instead of driving hard off the right leg, which pushes your hips laterally towards the target too much, we teach you how to pull from the left side which actually forces your body. It actually forces your body, it pulls it into neutral joint alignment which is the safest place for your body to be at impact. So once you learned to pull as the dominant motion and use push to help assist that, then all of a sudden you can get your joints aligned.

You don’t have worry about getting hurt. You don’t have worry about hip pain, and back pain and all these things.

So, to recap, the perfect golf swing is simple, powerful, and safe. If you’ve watched any of my Rotatory Swing videos, you’ve probably heard me say this over and over, and over and over again.

The Rotary Swing tour method is the safest, most powerful efficient way to swing a golf club. That’s was we’re all about.

So if you care about your back, you care about your longevity. You care about any aches or pains that you have in your body. Then let us help.

Take a look at Rotary Swing University today. You can sign up for free and start improving your golf swing and saving your body and start building the perfect golf swing today.

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Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, Web.com and other major tours around the world.

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