2 Different Ways To Build More Lag Into Your Swing Like Pro Golfers Danny Lee and Bernd Wiesberger

New Video: Danny Lee vs. Bernd Wiesberger
Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

“I am 91 years of age and played for years in U.S. Amateur, British and U.S. Senior Amateurs, and Senior Opens. Tried lesson tip today from the right shoulder behind the right ear – Matt Every video. Easiest and best tip to unconsciously get the lower body moving first, ever! Many thanks”

Bill B. – Premium Member

Danny Lee and Bernd Wiesberger golf swing with lag

Congrats to Bernd Wiesberger for winning the 2015 French Open and Congrats to Danny Lee for winning the 2015 Greenbriar Classic this past weekend.

Are you constantly fighting with your mechanics in search of ways to produce more lag into your swing?

In this new video, I’ll show you how Danny Lee and Bernd Wiesberger get a ton of lag in their golf swings…but in 2 very different ways.

I’ll show you how both players start the swing off the same way, build lag differently, and then end up in the exact same spot in the hitting area!

Stop fighting your swing and searching for lag! Watch this video and see just how easy it can be!

Danny Lee and Bernd Wiesberger golf swing with lag

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