Ben Hogan’s Swing: Backswing | Right Knee Tip to Boost Power

You’re probably wondering to yourself right now, how can my right knee help me get more power in my golf swing? Well, that’s what I am here to explain!

Ben Hogan believed that the position of the right knee throughout the backswing was very important. From a biomechanics stand point, he was absolutely right!

One of the most common lower body mistakes that amateur golfers make is rolling WAY to the outside part of the right foot in the backswing. Aside from this being really dangerous for your knee, it also makes shifting your weight back to the left nearly impossible!

As you just saw in this golf instruction video, loading your right leg can be very tricky when your right knee externally rotates in your backswing.

If you’re struggling with losing power in your golf swing and find it difficult to use your lower body during the transition, you need to watch a great “Hogan-esque” drill called The Right Knee Laser Beam.  This simple drill will teach you how the Pro’s coil up over the right leg.

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