Should You Turn Your Feet Out In Your Golf Setup

New Video: Should You Splay Your Feet At Setup [Premium]
Chuck Quinton, RST Founder

I have knocked almost 4 shots off my handicap to get down to single figures again! I now have a much better understanding of what a reliable, bio-mechanical and safe swing looks and feels like.

Keith T – Premium Member

foot turned out in golf setup

In a perfect golf setup, should your feet point out or be square to the target? This new premium video answers the question and tells you why.

I’ll discuss certain ways to make adjustments for those of you that struggle with mobility of the hips or struggle with pain.

Start using your lower body for power AND stability! Watch this video now!

feet turned out in golf setup position

Chris Tyler

See my full bio here: Understanding the golf swing and how the body works is a fascinating concept that I have devoted my life to and in turn have helped thousands of students reach their goals in the game of golf. Teaching a golf swing that allows you to extract the timing, create consistency, maximize power through efficiency all while protecting and preserving the body has become the face of golf. Get better at golf with better instruction!

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