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New Video: Problems Caused By Poor Ball Position
By Chuck Quinton, RST Founder

RST student Michael M. wrote in – “This has to be the best golf instruction web site ever for improving one’s golf! I’m a golf fanatic and have bounced between one golf site to the next over the last ten years but now I’m staying with you guys. I’m so pleased!”

ball position in the golf swing

For years, you have heard golf instructor after golf instructor tell you to play the ball in the middle of your stance, but with no real clear explanation on why.

Having the ball in the wrong position will not only cost you accuracy, but tons of distance as well.

In this new premium golf instruction video, I’ll show you just how important ball position really is. You will learn how major faults in the swing can be directly attributed to ball position.

Serious golfers deserve serious answers and serious instruction. Don’t overlook this critical part of the setup and take control of your game now!

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