Golf Extension: How To Fix Swing Plane Like Jason Day

New Video: Jason Day – Extension
Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

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Brilliant video and analysis, Chris.” – Frank F. Premium Member

Yet another beauty Chris – thanks! – William Premium Member

Jason Day Golf Swing

Do you want to get more speed and have perfect extension through the hitting area like Jason Day? Click HERE now and let me show you how!

You’ll learn how important the steepness of the shoulder plane is to creating tour like extension and you’ll also see a simple drill in this video to help you overcome that dreaded chicken wing and develop a pro golf swing.

Click HERE and let me show you a simple way to start getting this really important part of the swing mastered!

Jason Day golf swing extension

Chris Tyler

See my full bio here: Understanding the golf swing and how the body works is a fascinating concept that I have devoted my life to and in turn have helped thousands of students reach their goals in the game of golf. Teaching a golf swing that allows you to extract the timing, create consistency, maximize power through efficiency all while protecting and preserving the body has become the face of golf. Get better at golf with better instruction!

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