Eliminate the Right Side: 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking (Day 7)

Eliminate the Right Side of the Course with a Controlled Fade

In the Day 6 Video, you learned how to fine tune your draw and eliminate the left side of the course.

Now, you’re going to learn how to do the exact opposite, by hitting a fade.

To play a proper fade, you want to align your feet to the left of your target, in the direction you would like for the ball to start.

This will allow you to swing only a few degrees across your body as opposed to having to swing very hard to the left, which would be required if your feet were aligned to the target.

By only swinging a few degrees to the left, you’ll be much more consistent.

This is the same technique you learned in Day 1 of this series, where you worked on controlling your starting line and adjusted your swing plane to hit to the left of the alignment rod placed several feet in front of your ball.

Now, you’ll be fine tuning this by swinging less severely to the left to get a small fade.

If you can imagine standing at home plate on a baseball field and swinging to the left, your ball would barely miss the pitcher if you were to hit a dead straight shot.

Fine tune your fade, and eliminate the right side of the course with this drill.
Fine tune your fade and eliminate the right side of the course with this drill.

The last piece is to feel as though you hold the face slightly open, just as you learned to do with “Day 3: How to Hit a Fade Shot in Golf.”

Since you’ll only be playing a small fade, the face will be just a few degrees open.

Essentially, the face will be pointing just to the left of the target in the distance, and our club will be swinging to the left of the direction the face is pointing.

Eliminating the Right Side

As you’re practicing this, you want to eliminate the right side of the course.

So, imagine a wall that starts just to the right of your ball and extends all the way to the target.  When playing a fade we never want to cross this wall.

For a bigger fade, you’ll start more to the left.  For less of a fade, you’ll start closer to the wall.

But in no circumstance will we ever cross the wall.

This will allow you to practice eliminating the right side of the course.  That’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in the full day seven video.

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