Eliminating the Left Side: 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking (Day 6)

Score Lower by Eliminating the Left Side of the Course!

Ben Hogan was arguably the greatest golfer of his era.  There are many theories regarding Ben Hogan’s swing as to the secrets of his great ball striking.

Ben hogan’s true genius, though, was not his swing technique but his mind.

He was one of the greatest ever at maximizing his practice time and using practice techniques to become much more effective on the course. Later in this series, on Day 9, you’ll learn the complete drill players like Hogan and Tiger Woods use to hone their ball striking skills.

But one of Hogan’s best secrets was to eliminate one side of the course with every shot.

For example, if you plan to play a draw, you’ll want to eliminate the left side of the course.  If you play a fade, you’ll eliminate the right side of the course.

In theory, this seems simple enough.  But the key is having an effective practice routine, and the correct technique to let you do so.

That’s exactly what I’m going to go over in this new Premium video from the nine days to amazing ball striking video series.

How to Fine Tune Your Draw

In this drill we fine tune your draw, as we learn to eliminate the left side of the course.
In this drill we fine tune your draw, as we learn to eliminate the left side of the course.

For day six you’re going to fine tune a draw as you work on eliminating the left side of the course.

First, let’s go over the correct technique for a draw.

For a standard draw shot, you’ll only want the ball to move several yards from right to left.

So you want to line up your feet to the direction you want the ball to start instead of lining up your feet to the target.

From this position, you now only have to swing to the right a few degrees on the downswing in relation to your feet.

Imagine standing at home plate and swinging the club just to the right of the pitcher. So if you were to hit a shot dead straight, you would miss him by only a foot or two.

If you’re to align your feet to the target, you would be forced to swing much more to the right on the downswing and risk getting the club stuck.

From here, you’ll simply want to release the left hand, just as we trained in the Day 2 Video: How to Hit a Draw Shot in Golf”, by rolling your left hand counterclockwise.

It’s that simple.


Master Your Draw and Eliminate the Left Side!

The rest of the new Premium video explains Hogan’s course management secret in detail and gives you a step-by-step process, including an easy-to-follow drill, to hit the controlled draw.

Button Controlling Your Draw


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