Golf Perfect Club: Why Pros Toe Up at Impact (2022)

Your legs can provide a TON of power in the golf swing!

Click HERE or the image below now and I’ll show you how adding some leverage from the ground and some rotation can increase your speed.

perfect golf ball striking

In this new video series: Perfecting Your Impact, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step process that will eliminate your mishit shots once and for all.

After working through a good impact position and weight shift, we are going to continue to ramp up your speed even more with some power from your legs.

Our focus in video 3 of 4, is to add a bit of body rotation and how to sit properly into your left side to start the golf downswing.

In order to achieve this, you must start with out a club and focus on shifting your weight and turning your body, while maintaining the flex in the right knee. This will help stabilize the hips and keep them from rotating too much.

From there, we need to make a big shift into the left side, while trying to keep your shoulders wound, and focus on getting the weight into the left heel. By focusing on the heel, you are now allowing the hips to unwind slightly which is pulling the shoulders and arms down into the hitting area.

Once you feel most of the weight shifting into the left side…drive the heel into the ground to help clear the hips and pull the shoulders back to square.

It is best to do at least 50-100 reps of these body movements before adding the club back to the mix. When you do get the movements down pact, get the club back in your hands and allow the driving of the left heel to be a signal for you to release the golf club like in videos 1 and 2 of this series.

You’ll start feeling more efficient clubhead speed with these 2 additional moves…guaranteed! Now, get to work on your next 1000 reps. 

golf release and impact

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