Kinetic Chain in Golf Swing – Add 20-30 yards by Tim Burke

New Video: Tim Burke - Kinetic Chain
By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

Did you know baseball pitchers and golfers use a very similar sequence of movements to produce speed?

Click HERE or the image below now and let me show you how...

Tim Burke clubhead speed

Congrats to the very hard working Tim Burke for picking up his 2nd World Long Drive Championship in 3 years. Burke is a fantastic athlete and was a NCAA pitcher before taking on the ranks of world's longest driver.

In this new video, I'll show you how Tim uses the kinetic chain to produce the highest clubhead speed ever recorded on trackman...227mph.

I'll show you a great way to get your downswing started with your lower body and start adding more speed to your swing instantly.

The golf swing movements can be closely compared to those movements of a baseball pitcher. Baseball pitchers use the kinetic chain in the throwing motion by creating power from the ground up. Both golfers and pitchers begin the movements by transferring the weight from the trail foot and then moving the power from the legs, up through the torso and out the hands and arms for maximum transfer of power. Isn't the body an awesome machine!

Using the kinetic chain the golf swing is a big struggle for most amateur golfers. But, why though?

Well, amateur golfers tend to load of the swing with just the arms and the shoulders. This makes it difficult for you to use the lower half of the body to shift weight properly and also create separation from the shoulders and hips at the top of the swing. We need the separation in the hips and shoulders as it allows us to create some stretch in the big core muscles which eventually will be used for clubhead speed.

Check out a member favorite video called: How to swing from the ground up - Golf Swing Transition.

Add effortless power...gain control...shoot lower scores!

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