Finally, a cure for your embarrassing slice on the golf course!

The over-the-top golf swing is perhaps the most common blunder seen in amateur golf today

We recently released a Premium video to help you diagnose and cure your over-the-top swing. That video and this article will show you what’s causing your slice in golf.

Do YOU slice the golf ball out of control?

stop slicing in golf

If you are one of the many players that sees the dreaded, left-to-right banana ball on the golf course, then you may want to pay close attention to the 3 major causes so we can get you on track.

Time to admit it…“My name is [insert name here], and I am a slicer.”

Since admission is only half the battle, we must work together to find the fault through analysis and then put a fix in place…

Let’s get busy slicing this thing apart: The 3 Faults

#1 Fault: Aggressively spinning the body out of control through impact.

This causes the body to be open at impact and makes your club head swing across your body. Bam…big ol’ slice.

The fix to this crazy spinning issue is to focus on making more of a lateral weight shift with the body.

Take a look at this photo below and see how Ernie Els shifts his weight to start his downswing, allowing his shoulders to be good and square at impact.

stopping your slice in golf
Using video swing software and comparing your swing to the pros can help you cure your slice and other swing problems.


Notice on the right side of the picture how the student has spun his body to a wide open position and is more than likely yelling “FORE RIGHT!”

#2 Fault: Powering up your downswing with the right shoulder and right arm.

If the right shoulder and right arm get overly active in your downswing, you are probably going to slice the golf ball.

The fix: keep your right shoulder very stationary in the downswing and allow your right arm to release into impact.

Let’s take a look at one of the game’s greatest in the pictures below and notice how little his right shoulder moves in the downswing. Then look at the slicer on the right and see how much shoulder motion he has.


not rotating the right shoulder will fix your slice
Tiger Woods barely moves his right shoulder from the start of the downswing into impact. Where the slicer on the right moves his shoulder a ton



Right shoulder stop the slice in golf
Tiger Woods showing how little his shoulder moved from the downswing into impact, and the slicer on the right shows drastic shoulder rotation


#3 Fault: Leveling your shoulders to the ground will cause that river-to-river slice.

At the address position, your shoulders are not level to the ground, but if they get completely level during the downswing, you’ll be in big trouble.

The Fix: Keep your shoulders perpendicular to your spine during the entire golf swing.  Let’s take a look at great ball striker Billy Horschel maintaining that perpendicular perfection to his spine.

how to stop the slice in golf
Billy Horschel showing perpendicular shoulders through his entire golf swing. If you notice your shoulders more level to the ground, then you will likely slice the golf ball


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