Golf Backswing: Simple Drills to Improve Your Backswing

New Video: Jason Day vs. Gerina Piller
Chris Tyler, Director of Certification

Getting into a tour like backswing position can seem like a daunting task. The solution might be much simpler than you think. In our weekly pro golf swing videos, we highlight areas of the swing that could help you with your own swing transformations.

Click HERE or the image below now and let me show you a simple tip to help you get on plane.

Gerina Piller golf swing

Your backswing position can cost you precious distance and control on the course. Often times, amateur golfers have a hard time getting into a tour like backswing position because the primary focus is on arm movements. This is bad bad bad. Let me tell you why…

In order to produce some big club head speed, you need to use the biggest muscles in your body. Your core, your glutes etc. By focusing on the arms and where they go in the top of the swing, you are basically signaling to the brain that you want the arms and shoulders to become the primary power source.

No matter how much you do curls or shoulder presses at the gym, there is no way that you can produce as much club head speed as a golfer that is using their entire body.

We want to think of the golf backswing as a BIG body turn and a SMALL arms movement. Just a bit of elevation in the arms and a little trail arm flexion, paired with a loaded lower half and proper rotation, will get you loaded for power and on plane just like the pro golf swings you see on T.V.

In this new video, I’ll show you how a thin piece of glass could be the missing link to fixing your takeaway and get your backswing on plane once and for all.

Click HERE now and let’s get a great looking swing like Gerina and Jason.

Gerina Piller golf backswing

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