Incredible Swing Transformation! 4 Step Process

What are you working on in your golf swing and why? If you don't have a proper game plan in place for correcting your're doing it wrong!

Correct fatal swing flaws is certainly no easy task. Trust me, I have been there done that. However, did you know that if you correct the REAL faults in your swing first, then you might get to your goals and improve your golf swing faster than you'd expect.

Click HERE or the image below now and let me show YOU how to put together an ironclad game plan.

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4 Steps To Better Golf...

  1. Diagnose the fatal flaws by submitting your swings for online golf swing analysis.
  2. Focus on the body movements before adding the golf club back into the equation.
  3. Ingrain the new movement with repetition.
  4. Stack in the next piece as you become more and more comfortable.

As you can see, the process itself is quite simple to understand. In order to improve your swing and start playing your best golf, you cannot overlook this process. You have to take your time and do things the right way or you will constantly find yourself chasing your tail.

Unfortunately, golf instruction has not taken the vow to follow this process. Instructors have always been fixated on throwing a band-aid on your swing and giving you a tip that worked for them or some other player that you see on T.V.

Please do not allow yourself to fall victim to that sort of instruction! You will leave yourself frustrated round after round.

If you are ready to get your swing in order, then check out this new video and see this incredible student success that was developed by having a game plan.

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Chris Tyler

See my full bio here: Understanding the golf swing and how the body works is a fascinating concept that I have devoted my life to and in turn have helped thousands of students reach their goals in the game of golf. Teaching a golf swing that allows you to extract the timing, create consistency, maximize power through efficiency all while protecting and preserving the body has become the face of golf. Get better at golf with better instruction!

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