Great golfers spin their hips fast through impact…Uhhh, NO THEY DON’T!

As modern day golf erupts with instruction on how the body works to create club head speed, it’s very apparent that most in the game don’t know what they’re talking about.

In this article covering a recent Premium video on how the hips work in the downswing, I’m going to put the myths to bed and show 3 players that are notoriously fast “hip spinners.”

You may be shocked to see how they slow their hips down to move the power up the golf kinetic chain.

Rory, Dustin and Arnie! Oh, my!

 RST decel4

Listening to commentators on Sunday or instructors on, well, just about every day has made you feel that spinning your hips will help you generate a crazy amount of power, and all your distance problems will be solved.

The problem with this mentality is that it is FALSE.

The power displayed by greats like Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Arnold Palmer was not built on racing hips through impact; it was built by decelerating the hips.

The speed created by the hips early in the downswing is transferred up the kinetic chain, allowing these 3 players to unleash the power into impact.

Here’s the proof

All 3 of these players have/had great flexibility. (I throw the “had” in there for Arnie’s sake, obviously).

When you see their tremendous windups and their amazing club head speed, we are all set to believe the announcers in the background taunting us with their notions about hip speed.

In reality, all 3 players shift their weight into the left and have started unwinding their hips long before the back swing even comes to a completion.

That’s all fine and dandy, but when you actually break down the swings, you notice their hips slow down to a crazy, crawling pace before impact and allow the other powerful parts of the body to deliver all that built-up energy.

Look at all 3 powerful players below, where they’ve slowed the hips down so much they almost appear to move backwards!

RST decel1
Rory McIlroy decelerating his hips at impact so much that it appears that they go in reverse
RST decel2
Dustin Johnson’s known to have one of the highest club head speeds and slows down his hips to sequence his downswing
RST decel3
Arnold Palmer sequenced his down swing beautifully by decelerating his hips and moving the power up the kinetic chain

These 3 players, who pack tons of power into their games, understand power delivery and what makes it work. The kinetic chain ain’t nothin’ to mess with!!!!

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