How To Increase Club Head Speed As You Get Older (2022)

Learn Why You’re Losing Distance And How To Get It Back…

You don’t have to start hitting it dramatically shorter just because you’re getting older. You can still pound the ball off the tee 250+ yards regardless of your age just by understanding how to prioritize your golf swing properly.

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golf downswing sequence

The BIG 3 

Clubhead speed is directly attributed to 3 main factors in the swing.

  • Rotation
  • Width
  • Leverage

As you start to get older, one of these factors becomes less important and can be very taxing on the body. Which one is it you ask? Rotation.

Rotation of the body during the golf downswing can put sheer force on the spine and leave you susceptible to injury. On top of that, as we start to get older, we tend to lose some range of motion in the rotation department.

Give and Take

Now that you understand which factor we want to nix in the swing, we now need to talk about how to add back to the other to critical areas of width and leverage.

Leverage in the swing, is by far the most efficient way to make tons of clubhead speed. In fact, leverage can make up more than 60% of the total speed in your swing. Yep, 60%! Leverage is best defined as the angle between the club shaft and the forearms in the golf downswing. Generally, leverage is known as “lag”.

In order for you to increase your leverage in the golf swing, you must establish a lot of width early on, just like the pros you see on T.V.

By establishing width into your takeaway and backswing, you are now setting yourself up to create tons of leverage in the golf downswing sequence. A common term for this swing shape is called wide-narrow-wide.

Even if you have lost some range of motion with your shoulder turn, you can still produce width and leverage in the swing very easily.

Turning Width Into Leverage

Once you have added width to your backswing, we can now transfer it into leverage with a proper downswing transition. To do so, you must learn how to properly sequence the downswing.

In order to sequence properly, you must learn how to shift your weight properly to start the downswing. By shifting your weight into the lead side and not doing anything with your shoulders and arms, you are subconsciously pulling the arms and shoulders into the hitting area with tons of leverage waiting to be released.

Seems simple right? Well, for most, this concept is extremely difficult. You can make it easier on yourself with some simple golf downswing drills that we have make available to you as a premium member on the website.

So, in closing, take some rotation out, get more width, turn it into leverage and start pounding the ball of the tee, just like you used to!



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