2 Simple Movew to Build a Perfect Golf Takeaway | Thorbjorn Olesen

New Video: Thorbjorn Olesen – Perfect your takeaway
By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

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Congrats to Thorbjorn Olesen for picking up his 3rd career victory on the European Tour at this Alfred Dunhill Links tournament this past weekend,

Do you struggle with your golf takeaway position every time you step foot on the course or the driving range? Well, I have a perfect challenge for you this off-season…

In this new video, I’ll show you to the 2 key components in Olesen’s perfect takeaway position and I’ll show you how to use these 2 components to ingrain a better takeaway, with some simple golf takeaway drills to perform right in the comforts of your own home.

Shifting your weight and rotating your body need to be the primary movements in the golf swing takeaway. Often times, amateur golfers tend to use just the hands and arms to move the club back, which can cause you to collapse your swing arc very early and also make your arms and shoulders the primary power source in your swing.

As big and strong as your shoulders may be…you cannot produce the same amount of efficient clubhead speed as a person using load (weight shift) and body rotation to their advantage in the golf swing.

In order to use weight shift and proper body rotation in your swing, it’s always best learn the body movements without a club first. After learning the proper movements, add the club back to the mix, but flip it over and use the light end first. This way you are not creating too much momentum in the clubhead and making it difficult on yourself to perform drills perfectly.

Once enough reps on the light end of the club have been complete, flip it over and start slow. Ramp your speed up the more you become comfortable with the body movements and you will have it mastered in no time at all.

Take the challenge of building a perfect takeaway and get your swing ready to go for next season!

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