How To Chip a Shot Better Than Ever in Golf & STOP Scooping

How to Stop Scooping Chip Shots and Become a Better Chipper

Becoming a better chipper of the golf ball starts right from the setup, and if you’ve tended to scoop your chip shots, this video is going to help you tremendously! You’ll be able to stop scooping your chips and your pitch shots to come out with more spin and dance around the hole.

The key thing that you must check if you tend to scoop your chip shots is your setup. Having a poor setup can cause you to scoop your chips, hit them fat and even skull them across the putting green, so don’t overlook this next section!


In this chipping setup video, you’ll see that you can get into a good setup position just by checking the buttons on your shirt. This simple tip will clue you in as to how the tour pros always hit their chip shots so clean and pure – and now you can too!

chip shot setup in golf
Learning where to position the buttons on your shirt will help you become a better chipper and stop scooping the club at impact.

Chip Under the Bench

A great visual that you will learn in this “how to” chip video is the idea of chipping under a bench. This will teach you the proper motion of hitting down on your chip shots rather than scooping and flipping. This will get your chip shots to come out lower and give you more directional control as your hands will be leading the club head through impact.

chip better in golf by bench
Using a visual of feeling as if you’re going to chip under a bench will help you keep your hands in front of the ball at impact.

Chipping and Hip Rotation

One of the other main keys you will learn in this video is how use your body rotation to keep your hands from scooping. You see, if you don’t use your hips to turn, your hands will have no choice but to flip over and scoop. Turning your hips during the chipping stroke will keep the club gliding through impact and your hands leading through impact.

Note how the golfer’s hips have fully rotated toward the target on this relatively short chip shot.

These chipping keys and many others are available to watch for FREE right now! Just click the free chipping video below to start watching!

chipping video to chip better in golf

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