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If your golf swing takeaway is too far inside, this drill will help get you on the right track. A golf takeaway that’s too far inside tends to lead to a compensatory over the top move in the downswing and the dreaded slice, so don’t ignore this common golf swing flaw!

RST Certified Instructor Aaron Mannes walks you through how to fix your takeaway once and for all!

Hi, Aaron Mannes from Rotary Swing. I’m gonna give you a quick drill to fix that takeaway once and for all. Stay tuned.

Hi, my name’s Aaron Mannes, from Rotary Swing Golf. What we want to work on today, and hopefully solve forever, is that inside takeaway. I see this fault so many times, and I believe that the takeaway can really start us off on either a great path for the golf swing, or a path that is just filled with compensations that we have to then overcome.

So what I often see is that we take this club well to the inside. It’s tight, it feels kind of secure. But what we want to do is bring this club a lot more on plane, and through the hands, so that we can come up vertically, and come down on plane, much more square. And to be honest, with a lot more ease. When we come to the inside, like this, we have to do a drastic move to get back on plane. And what I often see is one of two things. We either come way over the top, trying to get back on plane, and swing across the ball, creating a huge pull, or a huge slice, or we just stay back deep, and then we’re stuck underneath, and come and shoot the ball out to the right.

So either way is a position that we don’t want to have to adjust from. We want to be able to come up right on plane, and come back down right on plane. It makes things so much easier. So I have a quick drill for you, and I’m gonna set that up right now.

So as you can see, I have a pretty simple setup, here. I have an alignment stick into the ground about pocket height, and I have a golf shaft on the ground. You can use another alignment stick, obviously, but a golf shaft on the ground to show you where my toe line is. You don’t need this on the ground. This is just more for a visual, to show you how I’m set up to this alignment stick.

So in the golf swing, in the takeaway, what I often see is, like we said, the club’s coming to the inside. Now this could be for a number of reasons. We could use our hands, and be a little handsy with the wrist and bring this right wrist, cupped, into the inside, instead of keeping it neutral as we come back, and a little bit more straight out in front of you. We tend to flip this club back behind us.

The other reason is, we don’t add enough elevation into the swing, and we rotate, and this club comes well to the inside as well, and low. So this is gonna help us give us that instant feedback. I see with students, all the time, where they feel like the club’s out here in the takeaway, but then when they go to look at video, it’s still to the inside. Maybe it’s a little bit closer, but it’s still well to the inside. So if you set up this drill, it’s gonna give you instant feedback. You can’t fake it out, you can’t fake yourself out.

So when you set up, if you were to come to the inside, you’re gonna hit this stick immediately. There’s no way around it. If you add elevation, if you add the five minutes to the perfect backswing, which is another video to take a look at, the four square video is a great video to take a look at. If you have those concepts ingrained, this is just a test, to make sure that you’re doing them correctly.

So if we’re elevating, if we’re rotating properly, the club is gonna come up and completely miss that stick. So if you can do that for hundreds of reps, if not even thousands of reps, it’s really gonna ingrain that perfect takeaway position much, much quicker. Then you’re gonna find, when you come back down on plane, it’s gonna be so much easier for you to get back on plane and make solid contact, without having to make huge compensations into the ball.

A graduation step for this is, let’s get rid of the alignment stick. And now we’re gonna put an alignment stick, or a golf shaft, right behind the ball. So visually, I want to see the club head tracing that line, for a long time. When we come to the inside, it comes off of that line, and now, visually, what we want to do is trace that line all the way up, so without the stick, we’re still going appropriately up plane, and getting into a great position. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tip. It’s very easy, it’s very easy to set up, and it’s really gonna ingrain the proper positions for the takeaway in no time. Thank you, take care.

So thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. And even more importantly, I hope it helps your golf game. I referenced a number of videos from You can find those here. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel right here. Please visit and sign up for a free membership. You’ll get over 50 hours of golf instructional videos, just like this one. If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them below. Now it’s time for you to go practice, but not only practice, practice with some purpose.

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