How You Can Win Your Next Golf Tournament

How You Can Use RST to DOMINATE on the Course

I LOVE winning golf tournaments, but not as much as I HATE losing them.

In yesterday’s email I told you how I blew my club championship with that dreaded little weak shot out to the right. But, this story actually has a happy ending!

While I hit that shot years ago, it has been seared in my memory and it motivated far more than any success I’ve ever had. I made a commitment (after I stopped wallowing in self-pity!) to never struggle with that miss again.

I made a plan to overhaul my swing – and my default miss I had been playing for 20 years – to ensure that if I missed again off the tee under pressure, that puppy was going left!

Why such a big change? Because this club is where I play most of my golf these days after retiring from professional play and the designer is the anti-Jack Nicklaus – he designs all his courses to play right to left off the tee. So, if you miss right, you’re generally in big trouble. This is something for you to consider when thinking about where you play the majority of your golf.

So, the following 60 days were to devoted to a pretty big swing overhaul. During this time I had to play in a few other tournaments and the results were erratic to say the least. Some shots were amazing, exactly how I pictured them in my mind. Other times I fell right back into my old habits.

You’ve no doubt gone through a similar experience if you’ve ever tried to change something in your swing. Maybe you didn’t see the change through and got discouraged half way through like so many others do. But, if you understand how the brain actually learns a new movement pattern like I discuss in this video, you’d know that you were likely right on the verge of a break through and you just missed it!

I knew that real change took time, so I stayed the course knowing my reward lay just on the other side. I was making progress, my brain just had the tendency to revert back because it didn’t have the necessary repetitions yet. But, come the end of the season during our big Member Pro tournament, things were about to click!

Zero to Hero

Our Member Pro tournament is a big affair with our members always bringing in their favorite tour pro buddy, so the competition is something fierce. For this year, I brought in one of my Certified RST Instructors, Craig Morrow – you know, to keep it in the family and all!

The first day is a best ball format requiring that we use 6 drives from each player. I had the advantage of playing one set of tees up, being the member and all, and boy did we take advantage of it!

From the Member tees, there are several Par 4s that I can drive, and I happen to hit that perfect little butter draw on the green each time. With only two holes to play, I had made two eagles on my own ball and we were -11 as a team.

The last two holes for us were a short par 3 and one more very driveable par 4 that I was chomping at the bit to play. Standing on the tee of the par 3, I told Craig just put it anywhere on the green and let’s get our par and get out of here because we still had to use one more of his tee shots and I wanted to use mine on the last hole to see if we could squeak out another eagle.

Craig did exactly as I asked, put it to about 20 feet and we were looking pretty. I went ahead and hit anyway…..


While I was happy with my fourth career ace, I knew that it meant we couldn’t use my tee shot on the final hole – bitter sweet success but a third eagle nonetheless.

Craig and I finished the tournament deep in the red and walked away the final day for a great feeling victory.

But more importantly, it demonstrated that if you stay the course and follow the system the way it’s laid out on the site, great things will happen.

RST is a system that is built entirely around how the brain learns a new motor movementand that doesn’t happen in an hour long golf lesson – for anyone, ever! It takes time to build the neural pathways, myelinate those pathways and burn them into habit.

RST is about REALLY making you a better golfer, not just promising you some goofy, random quick fix tip. You want that kind of garbage, go somewhere else.

But if you want to truly build an incredible golf swing, you’ve finally found the place you’ve been looking for.

I know you’re going to love it here, so much so, that I put my money where my mouth is. If you’re not happy after being a member for a month, no problem, I’ll give you every single penny back, no questions asked. You’ll even talk to my wife on the phone to get your refund – like I said, we’re family owned and operated and we back everything we say and do 100%.

So, if you’re ready to become the ballstriker you’ve always dreamed up, click here to join the family today!

IMG 1386Craig and I with our hardware after winning the Member Pro tournament

Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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