Learn How To Hit A High Draw Like Jordan Spieth

New Video: Jordan Spieth –  Keys to Hitting A High Draw
Chris Tyler, Director of Certification

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Hitting a high draw off the tee can add tons of distance and control to your game. Click the new video below and I’ll show you how Jordan does it so well in this pro golf swing analysis.

If you’ve struggled slicing your driver or even lacking distance, you’ll want to pay close attention to this pro golf swing video of Jordan Spieth.

I’ll show you how Jordan uses weight transfer and secondary axis tilt to create a perfectly shaped draw off the tee.

When hitting a driver, you must make some setup adjustments. You are looking to widen your stance a bit. This will help maximize stability during your swing and also make it easier to create more secondary axis tilt in the hitting area.

What is this axis tilt I speak of? Simply put, it is just the amount of tilt your spine has in relationship to the target, from the setup position to impact. See the importance of axis tilt at setup.

In order to maximize your distance like the pro golf swings you see on T.V., you must make sure you are shifting your weight properly to load up the backswing AND to start the downswing.

So many amateur golfers get off track and start the downswing with the shoulders and arms. The outcome will leave your swing powerless and short of consistency down into impact.

Good luck on your game and start building a better golf swing!

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