Make Your Golf Game EXPLOSIVE with C4!

Can I ask you a question?

What are the 3 or 4 most important things to you in your golf game?

Over the past 25 years, I’ve asked that question to thousands of my students and have to come to the realization that what most of us want from our games can be boiled down to what I call the “4 C’s” – or C4 for short.

No, I’m not talking about the plastic explosive, I’m talking about the 4 things that we’re really all chasing after – and with RotarySwing, you can achieve all four in the shortest time possible.

Let’s first define C4 and see if you agree…

    It’s no secret that golf is a challenging game and being inconsistent from one day to the next makes the game pretty darn miserable – no matter how nice the weather might be!
    Is there a more helpless feeling than standing on the tee box faced with a shot that you know you have very little chance of pulling off? We often know how this story is going to end before it begins.
    Having control over that little white devil is what leads to confidence, but most golfers feel their golf swings control them rather than the other way around.
    When everything is clicking and we’re playing our best, sharing that time with a group of close friends truly enriches the whole experience.

This concept of “C4” is the foundation by which RotarySwing and the DEAD Drill are built upon.

Let’s start with consistency.

Consistency in the golf swing can really be boiled down to just one simple thing – he/she who has the fewest moving parts – WINS!

It’s truly that simple.

Over the course of the past 25 years, I’ve given more than 10,000 golf lessons to everyone from PGA Tour players who have made millions to the rankest amateur who couldn’t break 130 the first time I saw them, and everything in between.

The number one differentiator is NOT talent, NOT hand eye coordination, NOT natural born athletic ability.

The difference between a consistent ball striker and one who isn’t is truly the one who performs the fundamentals of the golf swing in the simplest, most repeatable fashion possible.

To be consistent, you have to make the golf swing less complex, fewer moving parts to break down and quite frankly, it’s impossible to make it any simpler than what I did when creating the DEAD Drill.

As you know by now, the golf swing when done the RotarySwing way boils down to just 3 simple moves.

You could make it simpler, but then you’d have the equivalent of a putting stroke – yes, you’d be more consistent, but you’d powder puff the ball and not make it past the ladies tees.

The golf swing requires power to generate speed, but when done correctly, the swing feels effortless.

So, to be consistent, we need a set of researched and proven fundamentals that lend themselves to a swing with the fewest moving parts while not limiting our power to the hit the ball 300 yards.


Confidence, on the other hand, is a by product of consistency.

If you know where the ball is going before you hit it, then you are, by default, very confident standing over the ball.

There’s an old saying that is “fake it ’til you make it.”

In golf, that doesn’t work.

You either ARE confident because you KNOW that ball is going where it’s supposed to, or you are not.

In my mind, golf is the ultimate polygraph test. If I want to truly understand a person, I only need 18 holes with them to gather all the information I need.

I once invited a friend to play in a member guest tournament at my club in Idaho.

Like all member guests, you are required to submit your handicap and this golfer said he was a 4.

This was one of those “fake it ’til you make it” vanity handicaps because this golfer never broke 90 over the course of 4 days – then faked a back injury to avoid further humiliation.

Needless to say, we didn’t win – and I’m not a big fan of losing!

Anyone can say they are a great golfer, say they have a scratch handicap, and ACT confident.

But being confident is not something you can fake or act – you are or you aren’t.

When I started playing tournament golf in high school, I remember feeling very confident standing on the first tee of my very first tournament.

Until I watched the other kids tee off in front of me.

I quickly realized I was not at their level and my confidence sank.

If your confidence on the course can be shaken by your opponent, you’re NOT confident.

Confidence is an absolute.

That’s my goal with my members – I want them to revel in the feeling of absolute confidence over every shot, to be unshaken, unwavering in the face of a challenge.

And by mastering the DEAD Drill, you, too, can develop a sense of inner calm and stillness over every shot because you have the absolute confidence that the little what devil is under your control.

And it’s really control that we’re really after, no?

You might be thinking to yourself, “No, I’m not a ‘control freak’.”

Let me ask you this, would you prefer to feel “out of control?”

Of course not! Who would?

You’ve often heard me talk about how I feel golf is a metaphor for life and no where is it more true than when we talk about C3 – Control.

One of the reasons, I believe, that golfers become addicted to the game is the feeling, the desire, to control something seemingly out of control.

Cole Trickle said it best in “Days of Thunder”, it’s the ability to control something seemingly out of control that lures us in.

How much of your daily life do you feel in absolute control over right now?

How in control of your future, your job, retirement, your finances do you feel that you are in 100% control of?

Take a moment to reflect on those…

At some level, we all seek and crave control over things in our lives, even if it’s something as simple as controlling when and how often we go to the bathroom – hey, at some point, we’re all going to get to the point in old age where that could be a concern!

NO ONE likes the feeling of being out of control, it’s scary, creates anxiety and is stressful.

But one of the beautiful hidden gems of golf is the ability to harness control over something that is – quite often for many of us – truly out of control.

If you miss the center of the driver face by 1/2″, yet your path and face are perfectly square, the ball can still curve off line by 20 yards!

The game truly demands millimeter level precision and when you achieve that level of control over something moving so fast – it’s addicting.

If you have a CONSISTENT swing, you have a simple swing, which gives you CONTROL over the uncontrollable and that gives you CONFIDENCE.

The DEAD Drill is specifically designed to teach you all 3 of these “C’s”, which then allows you to truly enjoy the fourth “C”.


Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of my most enjoyable times on the golf course have been completely by myself, especially late in the evenings when the weather is perfect, the sun is setting and it’s just me practicing on the course without another soul in site.

Golf is definitely an individual sport, you can’t bring in a designated hitter to face a shot you can’t hit – it’s all up to you.

I love that about the game – it’s a true “gut check” as the ball is always in your hands with only seconds left to play and you’re down by 1.

But, I’ve often found it a bit of a let down when I hit an incredible shot from 250 to 10 feet and there’s no one around to share it with.

I get an even bigger kick out of being out on the course with a student and watching THEM pull off something they didn’t think they were capable of as a result of my help.

This street goes both ways, your friends make you feel great about a shot that you hit and you get to feel even better if you helped them play their best.

You can see this happening in real time in the DEAD Drill Facebook Group.

In the first few months since I created the group, it’s grown to over 4,000 members who are all actively helping others master the DEAD Drill.

You’ve seen countless golfers already shooting their lowest scores, hitting the ball better than they ever have and experiencing “RotarySwing C4” for themselves.

While hitting the ball great yourself is what we come to RotarySwing for, you’ll soon discover that it’s MORE rewarding to help someone else do the same and that is why you’ll stay.

When I did the RotarySwing RoadShow it truly changed the way I thought about my job.

But I didn’t realize how much until I did a podcast interview with Jeff Pellizarro of 18 Strong.

I’ve known Jeff for over a decade, but he caught me off guard when he asked me a most unusual question.

I’ve done dozens of interviews over the years with ESPN and individuals like Jeff, but no one had ever asked me this question before:

“Do you still enjoy giving golf lessons?”

In a total Freudian slip, I blurted out “I do when they’re free.”

WTF Chuck?

You know this is how you make your living, right?

But in that moment of utter honesty with myself, I realized that financial reward – while great – is nothing compared to the feeling of truly helping another human being without getting paid a penny for it.

The RoadShow was the EXACT OPPOSITE of me getting paid for a lesson – it cost me a fortune!

And I’m about to go do it all over again – as soon as I leave the damn state without being arrested for violating coronavirus quarantine!

The incredible appreciation that everyone on the RoadShow expressed to me for visiting them at their club (or even in their living room!) was overwhelming.

People offered me their homes to stay in, meals, boats, even use of their private planes!

I didn’t accept any of them, but I sure as hell appreciated the gesture..

It was a game changer for me and a big reason I gave away the DEAD Drill on my YouTube channel completely for FREE.

I could have easily made a fortune off keeping that drill behind a paywall.

But golf instruction has always been a crusade for me to fight the BS instruction that is out there that ruined my game in my younger years and tore up my body.

Golf is more than a job, more than a game for me.

I know that those of you who follow RotarySwing and have for the past 15 years feel the same way and that’s what makes me excited to wake up each day and come up with new ideas on how I can help each of YOU experience “C4” in your own games.

If you want to learn more about the very winding path that lead me to this place in life, take a listen to this interview where I explain the history of RotarySwing.

Chuck Quinton

is the founder of the RotarySwing Tour online golf instruction learning system. He played golf professionally for 8 years and has been teaching golf since 1995 and has worked with more than 100 playing professionals who have played on the PGA, and other major tours around the world.

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