Paige Spiranac Golf Swing | Use Your Legs For A Boost In Clubhead Speed

Are you costing yourself precious clubhead speed because you aren’t using your legs properly? Ever wonder what swinging from the ground up actually looks and feesl like?

Well, pay close attention how YouTube golfing sensation, Paige Spiranac drives her golf swing with some BIG power from her legs…

Your lower body is an excellent source of stability AND power in the golf swing. Most amateur golfers struggle to use their lower body properly during the entire swing. Why do you think that is though?

Think about the first time you picked up a golf club and starting swinging it around. Did you have a refined looking swing like Paige Spiranac? Or, did things look out of place? I’d be willing the bet that you waggled the club all over the place to gear up for the shot, then swung wildly fast and produced a whopping 40mph of clubhead speed with just your arms and shoulders. So, there is a good chance you looked a bit uncoordinated.

Golf, much like any other hitting or throwing sports, can produce efficient speed when your entire body is used properly.

Think of a throwing motion of a baseball pitcher. They start by shifting the weight into the back leg, then striding towards home plate, plant the weight, pivot on the hip to rotate the torso and then release arm last to throw the ball.

If you understand this concept, then you understand how to swing a golf club. We just like to keep our feet planted for maximum balance and consistency in the golf swing.

So, here is where you should start focusing on…

  • Get into proper golf stance width and in a good balanced position.
  • Shift your weight to your trail leg to start the swing.
  • Rotate to the top of the backswing
  • Transfer all your weight to your lead leg by sitting and shifting your lower body.
  • Post up and release the club

If you add proper weight shift and sequencing to your golf swing, you will increase you clubhead speed drastically. Good luck on your games!


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