Get Perfect Impact Release in Golf Swing – BONUS TIPS (2022)

New PREMIUM ONLY Video: Perfecting your impact – Fault Fixes
By Chris Tyler, RST Director of Certification

Premium Members requested a bonus video through the video comments…Well, you got it!

Best video series I have ever watched” – Eugene

These are great videos.” – Sandra

This is the most helpful information to date” – Michael

This was a great series of video instruction.” – Dale

golf impact position

In this new bonus video, as part of the perfecting your impact series, RST Instructor Chris Tyler answers some of the common questions and gives a couple of quick tips on:

How the wrists are used for speed.
Preventing early extension of the spine.
Developing better tempo.
Shifting your weight.
Adding more width and rotation.

If you’ve worked your way through the first 4 videos of this series  you have probably started to get some really awesome compression and control of the hitting area.

Learning how to get strike the golf ball solidly with perfect forward shaft lean and a square clubface can be extremely difficult for most amateur golfers. The main reason being…overwhelming amounts of desire to bash at the ball with just your hands and arms.

Tension in the wrists and forearms can be your worst enemy in the golf swing. It can cause you to flip or scoop at impact and can also cost you tons and tons of speed. Yep, that’s right, tension in the wrists can and WILL cost your golf swing precious speed.

This video series was designed to help you overcome your tension faults and to ultimately start to teach you how to use your body for power and increasing your speed as you became more and more proficient with each section of drills. You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk.

Even if you have mastered video #4 of this series, you still want to pay close attention to this valuable added information. Good luck on your games.

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