Perfect Golf Club Release: How To Feel a Proper Swing Release

New Video: Part 3 of 7 – Release
Chuck Quinton, RST Founder

I am so glad you are producing this new series of videos. For me, it’s like an injection of new blood. Even though the new videos refer back to older ones, it’s just nice to hear fresh stuff directly from the boss. Part 2 of 7 aligns perfectly with what I’m working on again, so good timing.”

-Ken, Premium Member

More distance on the golf course with a perfect release

In part 3 of the “Keys to RST” series, I am going to show you how to increase your clubhead speed instantly with a proper release and pick up 20-30 yards off the tee.

In the first 2 videos, I discussed some simple physics and how to work into a tour quality impact position. Now that you have control of the club in the hitting area, it’s time to speed things up tremendously.

If you want more distance off the tee without having to work so hard, then you need to watch this video now!

Maximize distance on the golf course with a perfect release

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