How to Sequence Your Downswing For More Lag In the Golf Swing

New Video: #4 Sequencing the Downswing – dump truck and drag racer
Chuck Quinton, RST Founder

Awesome recent RST student success…

“Great stuff! My scores are dropping… Was in low to mid 80’s now pushing 75-79 most rounds. Hope to be 72-76 by late summer. Keep up the great work RST gang!”

Golf downswing sequencing drill for more lag

Sequencing the downswing is the HARDEST overall part of the golf swing – and also the MOST important.

In this video, RST Founder Chuck Quinton walks you through a visualization you’ve NEVER heard before that will finally help you understand why you’ve struggled to build that effortless power in your downswing.

You’ll finally understand how the Tour Pros build so much speed in their swings while looking like they’re moving so slow and smooth.

Ready to learn how to sequence your downswing? Click the link to watch the video now

Golf downswing sequencing drill for more lag

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